Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Those Savage Israelis!

Michael L.

The tidbit below was written by Shachar Chai and published by Y-Net.
Israeli assistance has begun to flow into the devastated regions of the Philippines. A search and rescue force, five officers from the Medical Corps and Homefront Command as well as a representative of the Foreign Ministry, landed in Manila on Monday and flew to the disaster zone. Their mission: Evaluate the situation on the ground and determine how to best assist the search and rescue efforts with their expertise and resources.

IDF Homefront Command enlisted search and rescue reservists for the mission, but they received the call-up on short notice. The Medical Corps restocked the medical equipment and supplies expected to be sent with the delegation, as the focus of the Israeli mission will be to set up a field hospital that will treat hundreds of injured survivors who are homeless or separated from their families.
Ah, yes, those savage Israelis.

I wonder how many people Saudi Arabia has on the ground in the devastated Philippines today?

From the comments:
5. As always Israel will lend a hand to  
those who suffer these terrible disasters, and kudos to those other contries that are also quickly on the scene with aid. I do wonder if the "oil rich" countires are helping out???? My thoughts are also with the folks working in Israel from the Philippines, they must be going through a very bad time right now, especially those that may not have heard from their families. It is easy to say "be strong" but easier said than done. Prayers for the Philippines and couragous people.  
benjy (11.12.13)
I am with benjy, both the human being and the poooch.

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