Friday, November 15, 2013


  1. I just read that Luscious Jackson has put out a new album. This means I am going to have to buy a new CD for the first time in perhaps 7 years.

    Now if only Mike Ness can put out an album of rockabilly takes on Stetsasonic, Schoolly D and EPMD before the year is out, I will singlehandedly keep the record business in... business.

  2. Only thirteen weeks to go!

    After that, my work situation changes for the (much!) better, so that I can be home in Philly a couple of nights during the week, in addition to just weekends.

    After June, things change again, and I'll probably work most weekends, but I'll still be home five days a week instead of just two and a half.

    Now I just have to get through the next 91 days... ;)

  3. "Anti-Israel Book Receives Rave Reviews from White Supremacist’s Website
    Washington Free Beacon Staff
    November 14, 2013

    Anti-Israel activist Max Blumenthal’s new book Goliath, which likens Israel to Nazi Germany, received rave reviews from white supremacist David Duke’s website. Patrick Slattery, Duke’s occasional radio co-host and website contributor, penned a column for site praising the “extremely valuable” book:"

    Now who woulda thunk it? Neo-Nazis liking a self-hating Jew's Nazi book.

    On a positive note...that's great news Jay!

    1. There's a surprise! Hey Max, psychological projection is on the phone, and wants to remind you that the ACTUAL Nazis in the world are who you're aligning yourself with.

      Blumenthal doesn't hate himself, though. In fact, he loves himself. It's the rest of us that he hates.

      And thanks, Doodad! I can't wait to soon get to work on the list of new places to eat here that I haven't yet been able to try, now that I can finally afford it, and have the time, again!

  4. The entire notion of 'self hating Jew' needs to be thrown away. The first part is irrelevant the second part isn't true. Whether or not Jews hate themselves is utterly unimportant just as it is absolutely not germane to study suicide bombers and therapeutize whether mommy drank and daddy beat them. It doesn't matter. And as for the "Jew" part it isn't true. Blumenthal or Greenwald or Chomsky aren't Jews - they're people with Jewish ancestry. They're no more Jewish than I am Polish or Russian. My grandparents were, my parents were. I am not. I know a third generation Baptist Deacon named Elliot Rosenberg. Clearly someone WAAAY back there was probably a Jew. So what. I don't see his family clamoring to go to shul.

    In fact when you maintain these people are Jews you're simply applying the same rules as the Nuremberg Race Laws. John Kerry is a mischling according to that law for example. Greenwald and Chomsky and Blumenthal are 'full Jews' according to the law. Again, it's not true. Adopting a racist approach is...after all...racist, no? How many black people in America can pass a 'not one drop' genetic test to 'verify' there's not a speck of 'white' in them? Astonishingly few in fact. The benchmark itself is useless.

    This is why I use the Krusty the Klown standard when he discovered he was 'Jewish" - "I used to be an antisemite and now it turns out I'm just a self hating Jew..."

    Just apply that in reverse. They're not self hating anything, they're just plain old ordinary antisemites. How they arrived it means nothing and how they JUSTIFY it means even less.

    1. "The entire notion of 'self hating Jew' needs to be thrown away."

      With that, I certainly agree.

      It's simply not an accurate descriptor of the human type.

      They obviously do not hate themselves. We all recognize that. And, in truth, I am not convinced that they hate Jews more generally. They see themselves as critics of Jewish-Israeli behavior on the grounds of social justice. And I often see little reason to suspect their sincerety. People like Harris-Gershon are not necessarily cynics, but generally ideologues. They honestly do believe that Israel is a racist, imperialist, colonialist, militarist, apartheid, racist state and, therefore, they spread hatred towards Israel, which becomes hatred toward Jews, which results in the near beheading of a 3 month old baby girl in Itamar.

      This view of Jewish-Israeli evil - and that is the view that the so-called "self-hating Jew" spreads - is an illusion that can only be maintained through seeing the conflict within a very narrow context.

      No one is going to tell me that the Jewish people - who are a tiny minority in the Middle East - and a people that were kept within a system of servitude known as dhimmitude for 13 hundred years and, then, when we finally freed ourselves have been subject to war by a people that outnumber us by 60 to 70 to 1, are guilty of injustice to our former masters.

      I suppose that what I am going to insist upon going forward is an emphasis, within my own writing, on broadening the context of the conflict, both historically and physically and to emphasize the fact that the movement for Jewish Liberation is a matter of social justice in no less a way than was the Civil Rights Movement.

    2. Re "'self-hating' Jews":

      They are bigoted toward Jewish people (that is to say: they stubbornly hold antipathetic wrong views about libeled vilified Jewish people) -- and they are Jewish. They are Jewish, and they, in a certain way particular to their being Jewish, are bigoted toward libeled vilified other Jewish people -- a way including holding certain conceits in reference to the Jewish people and in reference to themselves; and including experiencing a certain form of Stockholm syndrome. They are not mindful.


      Mike, you wrote:

      "I suppose that what I am going to insist upon going forward is an emphasis, within my own writing, on broadening the context of the conflict, both historically and physically and to emphasize the fact that the movement for Jewish Liberation is a matter of social justice in no less a way than was the Civil Rights Movement."

      I think that that is what is beneficial to do in this case.




      "Traces the history of PLO/Fatah, now better known as the 'Palestinian Authority,' the organization that will govern a future Palestinian State. The video shows how PLO/Fatah emerged from the German Nazi Final Solution. Hajj Amin al Husseini, father of the Palestinian Movement, creator of Fatah, and mentor to Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, was co-director with Adolf Eichmann of the death camp system that exterminated between 5 and 6 million European Jews in WWII."


      "The video dispels certain myths concerning the origin of the name 'Palestine' and of the 'Arab Palestinians.' It documents that the 'Arab Palestinians' are in fact mostly from other places, and migrated to what is now Israel at the same time as the Zionist Jews, many of them because of the economic boom that the Zionist Jews produced in what was then British Mandate Palestine. The Zionist Jews did not steal the 'best' land from Arab landowners but in fact purchased abandoned desert and swamp land from absentee Arab landlords who were quite eager to sell. This was explained by Hajj Amin al Husseini himself. Husseini, father of the Palestinian movement, launched his fourth terrorist attack against the Jews of the Mandate in 1936-39. The violence was so great that the British sent a team to investigate. When questioned, Husseini admitted that the Zionist Jews had not stolen anybody's land but in fact had bought it. In fact, Husseini had been among the major consolidators and sellers of land, and growing tremendously rich by it."


    3. (from continued)

      "ISLAM AND THE JEWS" featuring Andrew Bostom

      "Dr. Andrew Bostom explains the historical the Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism
      "November 7th, 2013 - Great Neck NY
      "Andrew G. Bostom is an American author and Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University Medical School. For more on Dr. Bostom, visit:"

      JIMENA [Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa] Panel Discussion with Raymond Ibrahim
      Part 1:
      Part 2:

      "On May 10th, 2012 JIMENA hosted a panel discussion with Raymond Ibrahim and Elliott Benjamin focusing on religious persecution in North Africa and the Middle East, specifically Egypt and Iran."

      Faith Under Fire: Clare Lopez - Islamic Persecution of Religious Minorities in Doctrine and History

    4. On the current infiltration of the U.S. government by the Muslim Brotherhood:

      The Legacy of FDR's Normalization of Relations with the USSR [the legacy that is the current infiltration of the U.S. government by the Muslim Brotherhood]
      Presentation by Stephen Coughlin (at 1h0m0s in the video):


      EMET's Annual 9/11 Memorial Seminar - Stephen Coughlin

      "'What Has Gone Wrong With American Mideast Policy?'"

    5. Important comments on the first video that I listed in my previous comment:

      Vito ndolini wrote:

      "The only purpose of this is to throw shit on FDR. Dirtying FDR's reputation/achievements is supposed to raise the level of the 'conservatives' previously failed (see the 1920's) philosophy. The basic question we should always ask is, 'define the problem!' In other words, 'and then what happened,' and how does that affect today's situation."

      jjk9999 wrote, in reply to Vito ndolini:

      "Maybe you haven't watched the whole video. The whole point of this is to make what the islamists are doing now in this country appear less fantastical and more realistic by showing that it's happened before."

      The presentation by Stephen Coughlin in the video presents "what the islamists are doing now in this country". That is to say: The presentation by Stephen Coughlin in the video presents essential facts of the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of the U.S. government.

  5. "No crazy guy, today?," Dennis asks me as I step into Patty's, a corner rowhouse bar on York Street in Fishtown, at which I'm a regular.

    No. No crazy guy today. ;)

    This is in reference to my mistake last weekend in bringing infamous neighborhood conspiracy-theorist John from Almond Street, into this place.

    After humoring him for a couple hours, he grabbed my shoulder and said "Jay, are you a Jew?"

    The guy next to us went into hysterics, and said "here he goes!"

    John doesn't like Jews, long story short.

    Huge surprise!

    Though he did grant that he likes me... ;)


    Fishtown is all kinds of fun. Can't wait 'til I buy my first (and last!) home here in 30 months or so...

    1. Jay, one of the things that I love about your comments is your obvious enjoyment of the flavors of the street.

      "a corner rowhouse bar on York Street in Fishtown"

      Good for you, dude.

  6. The one and only MJ Rosenberg is posting at Tikkun Daily. Congrats to Michael Lerner, whose site is now just eight bloggers short of a useful idiot minyan!