Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boycott Guinness!

Michael L.

{Cross-posted at News and Views From Jews Down Under.)

Western European countries are generally not favorable toward Israel and among those countries few are quite as hateful as Ireland.  The reason for this is because the Irish see a rough equivalence between the English occupation of their island and the Jewish occupation of Israel.  It's nonsense, of course, but they seem to believe it.

Thus we have this tidbit written by Itamar Eichner and published by Y-Net:
A pro-Israeli activist residing in Dublin, Ireland, was shocked this week when he discovered that a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) organization had taped yellow stickers on Israeli products reading "For justice in Palestine, Boycott Israel".

Among the many items found carrying the yellow boycott sticker was a pack of dates from the Jordan Valley. One of the stickers read: "Organic dates – produce of West Bank; Israeli Settlement Produce."

The call for boycott is directed not only at products made in Israeli settlements but at Israeli products altogether – even though the sticker notes the product was made in the West Bank. Similar stickers were placed on other products in the Tesco supermarkets chain.
Guinness beer is among the foremost exported products out of the island of Ireland.  I say we boycott.

Israelis, in particular, should boycott all Irish goods, but Guinness has a certain symbolic value if only because it is an exceedingly well-known Irish brand.

From the comments:
1. Bravo to Ireland and to BDS!

Consumers have the right to know what they are buying. More countries should adopt the system.

Non Jewish Immigrant, Haifa (11.05.13)
I have to wonder why someone would move to Haifa and then call for the boycott of Israel.  I actually love Haifa.  It's an amazingly weird and ancient city that is a total hodge-podge of the modern and the very old and it has the best falafel to be found anywhere in Israel... in my not so humble opinion.

Of course, the non-Jewish immigrant in Haifa is correct that people have the right to know what they are buying, but what has that got to do with the boycott?  That sticker was on a case of medjool dates.  That's the product, so people do know what they are buying.  They are buying dates.

What the non-Jewish immigrant in Haifa is really saying is that the Jews are evil and need to be put down like the dogs that we are.  He doesn't call for the boycott of China for its brutal occupation of Tibet or the boycott of Turkey for its occupation of Cyprus.

Instead he calls out the Jews for daring to "occupy" Judaea.
9. It's unlikely that BDS didn't know...

That a yellow sticker would raise certain connotations. Given their declared support for a one-state solution and the dissolution of Israel, it's not surprising. The sad part is, that if such a boycott ever became effective, the first victims of the BDS boycott would be the Palestinian employees of Jewish companies in the West Bank. I guess that shows exactly how much the BDS people really care about the Palestinians.

M. Davison , Ra'anana, Israel (11.05.13)
By "certain connotations" one assumes that M. Davison means this:

Davison is also correct when he points out that the Palestinian-Arabs who feed their families by working for Jewish employers in Judaea and Samaria will also be hurt, but who claims that anti-Semitic anti-Zionism is actually "pro-Palestinian"?
16. Fantastic, more countries WILL follow!  
Lynx, PALESTINE (11.05.13)
Lynx is probably correct that more countries will follow.  The current "peace process" practically guarantees that other countries will follow suit and one might wonder if the very purpose of the current round of negotiations is precisely to bring that about.

Whatever Obama's intentions toward Israel, his behavior will likely bring about a strengthening of the BDS movement, particularly in Europe.  Again, this is the way things will likely play out:

The US and the EU demand negotiations and pressure Israel to do things like free the murderers of Jews and to stop building housing for Jewish people on Jewish land, while requiring nothing from the Arabs beyond their role in bashing the Jews.  When Israel fails to stop building housing for its people the local Arabs will walk away from talks and the EU and the Obama administration, along with its Jewish sycophants, will then blame the failure on Israel.  Then we will see Mr. Lynx's prediction come true around the same time that serious Arab-Muslim violence against Jews ramps up in another terror war.

As I say, I have seen this movie before and it ends badly.

Ultimately, Barack Obama is dragging the Jews of the Middle East to the next round of violence against them.



  1. Grab a box of those stickers and slap one on every ipad or iphone you see one of these fools holding. Right on the screen.

  2. As one of the most openly antisemitic countries in Europe, Ireland really has little else TO export other than calls for genocide. Ireland's sole economic purpose at this point is to serve as a tax shelter for American multinationals much like brass plate banks do for drug cartels. So Kudos, Eire! You're in good company.

    1. I have to say, Trudy, that I am exceedingly reluctant to boycott Ireland because so many of my friends are of Irish descent. But if the country of Ireland, in general, is comfortable with boycotting Jews then we should boycott them back.

      Don't buy Guinness.

      Keep it focused and mention it often.

      Do not purchase Guinness stout.

  3. Yup.

    And we'll fight back, Doodad, because we always fight back.

    And we will survive and we will go on and we will continue to defy the odds.

    All of our old enemies are gone and, yet, here we are and in possession of our ancient capital.

    I cannot wait to get back there.

  4. Lest we forget that Ireland 'accidentally' allowed Nazi U-Boats to dock in Irish ports....

  5. I have been following Ireland for years and it's a shocker when it comes to antisemitism. No doubt it stems from the influence of the Catholic Church

  6. Hi Mike.

    You know my take on boycotting Guinness from comments at News and Views.

    Why not boycott Irish whiskey? It's a much bigger earner for Ireland than Guinness and the product is indisputably Irish. Also there are plenty of excellent alternatives including many American whiskeys.

    Not entirely satisfactory I know as there are many people who don't drink whiskey let alone Irish whiskey so its a bit like boycotting chewing tobacco. But honestly I can not think of anything else Ireland exports in recognisable quantities apart from Irish.

    1. Hi Geoffff,

      I think that's a splendid idea!

      Guinness and Irish whiskey.

      I am with it!

  7. The difference of course being that even if such a project were to successfully take hold, its end goal would not be to end Ireland as home of the Irish people, nor would such a boycott be driven my centuries of fanatical anti-Irish sentiment.

    Speaking of beer, please excuse me while I get back to my pint of house-brewed imperial coffee porter here at Harvest Moon Brewing in New Brunswick, NJ.

    See youze Friday night. Three-day weekend coming up, and it can't come soon enough!

    1. I have to tell you, Jay,

      that I absolutely loathe the idea of boycotting Irish goods.

      The very notion of it makes me queasy, but what are we supposed to do?

      Until someone comes up with a better idea, this is all I've got.

  8. Speaking of that general locale, here's two more in the continuing saga of "Oh, those Brits"

    "David Ward MP says, “Israel… should never have been created”

    But last night Ward bemoaned his party again, stating, “Actually I never said that [Israel shouldn’t exist] but that it should never have been created.” His criticisms reportedly lay with the fact that he sees a difference between calling for the end of the Jewish State, and stating that it should never have been brought to existence in the first place.

    Jenny Tonge attacks Israel for not obeying the Ten Commandments

    Last night in Parliament (ex-Liberal Democrat) Baroness Jenny Tonge said “If they had only obeyed their own Ten Commandments and half the stuff in the Old Testament…Israel could have been a force for good in the world” (see clip here from 8 mins. 35 secs.)
    Tonge was speaking at the Palestine Return Centre event Britain, It’s Time To Apologize for the Balfour Declaration."


    1. We're simply not moral enough, Doodad.

      We try and we try and, yet, somehow, the Jews remain immoral and bad.

      We don't mean to bad, really. It's just our nature, I guess.