Sunday, November 10, 2013

On Disgust and Horror

Michael L.

Part 5 of my ongoing conversation with PJ Media editor, David Swindle, is now published under the title, Why I am Disgusted and Horrified.

My main purpose for publishing at that venue is to help - in whatever small way that I can - to build a bridge between pro-Israel Jews and pro-Israel Christians and conservatives.

As an American Jew with political roots that go to the progressive-left and the Democratic Party, I think that we have treated our Christian and conservative friends in an appalling manner.  We accuse the Evangelical right of bigotry and racism and suggest that the only reason that they care about Israel is out of some heinous eschatological End of Days scenario in which Jesus returns to show both Hitler and the Catholic Church just how Jews should truly be dealt with.

I find it entirely unjust.

We need to understand that the Christian conservative movement in the United States is evolving and changing over time.  They are much friendlier toward Gay people than they used to be, more friendly toward women's rights than they used to be, and there is an emerging environmental consciousness grounded in the Judeo-Christian notion of "stewardship."

Instead of lambasting and defaming those people it would be much better to work with them and, thereby, perhaps influence their thinking.

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