Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Jew Hater Responds!… Sort-Of

Mike L.

In every generation we apparently have fellow Jews who seek to make a name for themselves by defaming their own people before non-Jews.

This is David Harris-Gershon of Tikkun magazine.

Harris-Gershon libels Israel as an "apartheid state" and suggests that the "pro-Israel lobby" controls the U.S. Congress which is an accusation, as others have suggested, that is essentially out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The man was kind enough to respond to these unpleasant charges in the pages of the Times of Israel.

I very much appreciate that and have responded in kind within a piece entitled A Jew Hater Responds!… Sort-Of.

I say it is time to stand up against this kind of defamation of the Jewish people and the Jewish state.


  1. The poor fella made a calculated decision to come at me in your last post, apparently hoping that he'd catch off-night Jay (which, admittedly certainly happens from time to time). Unfortunately for him, I was as on-point as I've ever been anywhere, over there last night. ;)

    Nowhere did he ever address anything of substance, indeed. Now excuse me while I go back into my 'right-wing love din.' Heh.

    1. The problem is that I apparently only have one wing, a right one according to Mr. Harris-Gershon, so every time I try to move somewhere I inevitably just end up going 'round and 'round in circles. To my right, of course.


  2. My comment there:

    He hates the USA no less, and sees Israel as its proxy. If only he would not pretend to care about Israel. If only he was less selective in his moral outrage.

    Many have seen through the veil of those that enable Israel and Jew hatred, then claim victim status when the facts are laid bare. Calling others right-wing and Islamophobes is the last remedy of scoundrels.

    This individual left behind belief in liberal principles long ago, in favor of being a propagandist for the cause against the West, the very culture that affords him the freedom to spread deception. How long would he last under Hamas? He is so smart that he has become a fool, believing in a righteous cause that leads to destruction of Israel and the Jewish people, including himself.

  3. By himself in his response, in sarcasm:

    "Ah yes, the evil David Harris-Gershon. That wretched man whose wife was injured in the Hebrew University bombing and had the nerve – the nerve! – to visit the family of the [Arab] bomber in East Jerusalem as a way to overcome the trauma and understand the context from which such suffering could have sprung."

    A classic Stockholm sufferer.

    1. Kapo is the only term that approaches appropriate.

      In fact it defames Kapos. Who among us can say what we would have done in their circumstances?

      This man is beyond that. He has it all and yet he does it still.

    2. You are so right, Geoff. Many of us might buckle under the threat of prolonged torture and painful death. But Lerner is under no such threat. The worst he is likely to encounter is someone yelling at him or posting harsh stuff on the Web.

    3. We have absolutely got to get beyond blaming ourselves for the hatred directed toward the Jewish people or toward the Jewish state of Israel.

      We can never get non-Jews to understand that we don't deserve Arab-Muslim hatred until we understand that ourselves.

      Jews like Harris-Gershon push in the opposite direction.

      Generation after generation, and century upon century, we were told just why we were guilty before they kicked our ass and now this guy, and those like him, want to say that in this generation we are, in fact, guilty as hell and thus the Jews in the Middle East deserve whatever beating they get.

      It's a disgrace and I wouldn't make such a stink if it was just some individual, because there are plenty of poisonous individuals, but Harris-Gershon is paid to despise Jews by a man who claims to want to "repair the world."

      I find it just sickening.

  4. I can't speak for Tikkun's Michael Lerner. All I can do is relate an experience. Back in 2002 there was an anti war rally at UNC Chapel Hill I was wandering around at. It was hosted I think by ANSWER which if you don't know is an angry anarchist antisemitic racist organization. At any rate the "Rabbi" Lerner was there. But to my shock or not so much shock, ANSWER shared the stage with the KKK and the American Nazi Party who saw it as an opportunity guessed it....blame the war on the Jews. The crowd was generally appreciative. And Lerner was right there on stage. Until they physically threw him off the stage. He tried the regain the stage a few times and they kept blocking him, while screaming at him "Kike" "Jew-murderer" etc etc. Well let me tell you the look on his face was precious. Must like, I suspect the face on Chaim Rumkowsky - the Jewish Nazi collaborator of the Lodz ghetto, right before they stuffed him and his whole family into the gas chamber. But Lerner never learns does he?

    1. Hi Trudy,

      you may not be aware of it, but it was not very long ago when I would have been one of those people rallying against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under the ANSWER banner.

      I must have gone to something like two dozen anti-war rallies in San Francisco and ANSWER was often a prominent part of those rallies.

      In fact, I remember marching on Civic Center with a few thousand other people during the Bush years, at a particular rally, and coming across a small group of pro-Israel counterprotesters waving Israeli flags. This would have been around, maybe, 2005 or so.

      I remember at the time wondering why they were there because in my mind opposing the war in Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with Israel.

      And then one day a few years later, at a similar rally, I looked up and saw a Nazi Swastika entwined in a Star of David.

      I have not been to a rally since, nor I have I given a penny of my money, nor a moment of my time, to the progressive-left movement or any of its causes.