Friday, February 1, 2013

Graham Questions Hagel at Senate Confirmation Hearing

Mike L.

Peter Wehner of Commentary also has a few words for Mr. Hagel:
It may be that another nominee for a cabinet post has been more inept than Hagel was during his hearing–but if so, I can’t think of who it might be. Mr. Hagel showed himself to be in turn evasive, ignorant, unprincipled, baffled and dim-witted. And those were the high points.
Wehner's remarks are overstated, but it remains true that the Hagel nomination is a genuine kick in the head to the pro-Obama / pro-Israel Jewish community.

Since 2009 we at Israel Thrives have been highly critical of the Obama administration in its relationship to Israel.  Although there has been considerable diversity of opinion here the general trend of the discussion has been that Obama represents something of a danger to the Jewish State and, thus, to the Jewish people.

I understand, obviously, that this is a contentious stance in certain circles, but I also wonder how Obama's pro-Israel supporters can justify the Hagel nomination.  I do not believe that it can be reasonably justified and the fact that this administration is sending F-16 fighter jets and hundreds of Abrams tanks to a racist Islamist in Egypt should be a splash of cold water into the face of the president's Jewish supporters.

Obama is no friend to the state of Israel and he is no friend to the Jewish people.


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  1. "Jewish anti-Semite MJ Rosenberg tweeted on Thursday that he met with Chuck Hagel a few years ago, and no one needs to worry because Hagel was lying during Thursday's hearing."