Thursday, February 28, 2013

British fascists disrupt Israeli official's lecture

Mike L.
British students turn against Israel: Dozens of hecklers prevent deputy ambassador from getting word in at University of Essex. Jerusalem: 'The situation on campuses is grim’

Protests against Israel on UK university campuses are growing: Dozens of students disrupted last week a speech by Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to Britain Alon Roth-Snir at the Essex University, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.

A lecture scheduled to be given by Daniel Taub, the Ambassador to Britain, was also cancelled at the University of North Ireland, due to fear of disturbances.

Roth-Snir’s speech was scheduled at the invitation of the University of Essex’s Middle East club. But before the deputy ambassador had begun speaking, dozens of Pro-Palestinian students besieged the hall in which the lecture was to take place. They were eventually pushed out by security personnel.

Yet as Roth-Snir began to speak, some 30 students began to call out against Israel, labeling it a “criminal apartheid state,” and preventing the Israeli official from getting a word in.
Every once in awhile someone will (here, there, or elsewhere) say something to the effect of, "It's starting to look like 1930s Germany all over again!" or something quite like that.

My immediate reaction tends to be one of withdrawal.  Whenever I hear or read someone say something along those lines I almost always tend to think of it as a severe overreaction.  But now I am seriously beginning to wonder if I have not been mistaken.

It should come as no surprise to people that Nazism was exceedingly popular among the university student population in Germany at the time.  The reason for that is because Nazism was a highly idealistic movement.  The National Socialists... and they were socialists, after all... were not just knuckle-dragging thugs, but were often very well regarded intellectuals, philosophers, and scientists.

From their perspective, much like the perspective of today's anti-Zionists and Israel Haters, the Jews were something akin to evil and that they needed to be severely dealt with for the best benefit of the down-trodden German people and for humanity as a whole.  This is pretty much what BDSers think, as well, if you simply switch-out the word "Jew" for the word "Zionist."

All these people on places like Daily Kos or the Huffington Post or the UK Guardian and throughout the progressive-left blogosphere and within the universities and the various left-leaning magazines and newspapers, such as the New York Times, honestly believe that the Jews of the Middle East, via the government of Israel, are the aggressors against the innocent "indigenous" Arab population. They know nothing of Jewish history in the Middle East but they love the moral schadenfreude in portraying the Palestinian-Arabs as the New Jews and the Palestinian-Jews as the New Nazis.

My guess is that it relieves them of whatever residual guilt some people may have concerning the long history of western persecution of the Jews among them.  But whatever the psychological reasons that may play a role, there is no question but that every generation they tell one another just why it is that we deserve a good beating... before they give us a good beating.  This generation is no exception.  If you were to speak with your average progressive-left anti-Zionist or Israel Hater they would probably acknowledge, most of them, that in the past the Jews have gotten a raw deal and did not deserve all the various pogroms and persecutions and mass killings and expulsions.

But that was then and this is now.

Now, apparently, we honestly do deserve whatever beatings that are dished out by the majority population in either Europe or the Arab-Muslim Middle East, or both.  Yes, we were innocent in the past, but we are not innocent today and therefore if millions of Arabs want to kill "Zionists" it's because the Jewish state represents an aggressive cancer within the pure greater Arab nation.

But that's more or less equivalent to what the Nazis thought, too, now isn't it?

The pattern repeats.

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