Friday, February 22, 2013

Galloway won't debate a pariah Jew

British MP storms out of debate with Israeli student

George Galloway, a British lawmaker known for his anti-Israel positions and support of Hamas, caused a minor uproar at Oxford University when he abruptly left a debate after realizing his opponent is Israeli.

"I have been misled," said Galloway when Eylon Aslan-Levy, an Israeli student, confessed his nationality.

The debate discussed an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. Galloway argued that Israel should pullout immediately, while Aslan-Levy claimed that a withdrawal should take place only as part of a negotiated peace agreement in which two states will be recognized.

Aslan-Levy, a third-year Philosophy, Politics and Economics major, used the term "we" to describe Israel's stance. "You said 'we,'" Galloway interrupted, "are you Israeli?" to which the student answered affirmatively.

"I don't debate with Israelis," Galloway said, got up hurriedly, got his coat, and stormed out.
Galloway did not "storm out" of anything.  He was quite calm, cool, and collected.  The problem is that he likes his Jews weak, docile, and without the means of self-defense and therefore will not debate with any Jew who comes from Israel.

And this man is actually still a member of Parliament?

Also note that there was a smattering of applause after Galloway's departure.  Just what were they applauding do you suppose?

There are about 150 comments under the Y-Net article and that is a lot for Y-Net. Here are a few:
5. Galloway is a perfect example of  
the depraved and primitive irrationality of the ISM/BDS crowd which understands perfectly that the elimination of Israel will lead to a bloodbath of the Israeli Jews. Are there any secular democratic states in the Arab world?  
Stephen in New York (02.21.13)
14. let's face it

We have friends and we have enemies. Our enemies act of out an irrational hatred for Jews and Israelis and are not willing or able to hear the other side of the story. Sadly, this is the way it is in this world.

Larry , Los Angeles (02.21.13)
18. ahaha well, you cannot blame him can you?

you can bring the best philosopher in the world to argue about that a square is a square with an israeli jewish and he'll be made what do you think about an argument about the state of israel?? no matter what israel did, or what crimes it committed, Israeli jews will always make it like the virgin mary.. so there's no point in arguing

Feras (02.21.13)
Certainly there is no point in arguing with the likes of Feras.


  1. Check out his Facebook page. I hope all the comments haven't been removed. He's been swamped

  2. A Jewish Organization should ask Galloway if he represents any Jews/Israeli-UK dual nationals among his own constituency or he does not. And if not, does he demand they be expelled from it. And if he does demand they be expelled how does he propose to do it. If he does not demand they be expelled, can we count on him to violently ignore any and all statements, questions and demands of their elected official because they are Jews. I would also like clarification on whether he believes that voters in the UK should be compelled to swear an anti Jewish oath in order to be legally represented. Perhaps he'd like to see any Jews in Bradford stripped of the vote?

    In practice there's precious few Jews in Bradford or Bedlam or whatnot but the point should be made. He doesn't distinguish between a British born UK-Israeli dual national and a Sabra Zionist Sayeret soldier. Fair enough. Since he won't make that distinction then someone from the Jewish organizations in the UK need to point that out.

  3. He had a nice losing streak going there for a while, until last year. Unfortunately. Talk about a shameless carpetbagger...

  4. At least Galloway does not pretend to be anything except what he is, and by being himself he helps expose what he and the pretenders are really about.