Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jewish group slams 'Ted' Oscars sketch

Mike L.
VIDEO – The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on Monday derided as “offensive and not remotely funny” an Oscars sketch featuring Seth MacFarlane’s character “Ted,” in which the animated bear tells actor Mark Wahlberg that if “you want to work in this town” you have to be Jewish.

Excuse me, but doesn't Abe Foxman have other things to concern himself with?

I am about the last person on the planet that people would claim is insensitive toward anti-Semitism, but really.  We've got G-d Only Knows how many crazed imams in the Middle East screaming for Jewish blood in the most outrageous and violent terms possible and this is what the ADL concerns itself with?

The stupidity is so shocking one hardly knows what to say.  It's already hard enough to be an advocate for the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel without getting offended at our friends when they give us a little friendly ribbing during the Academy Awards.

All we want, it seems to me, is for non-Jews to stop beating up on Jewish people.  Period.  From my perch here in the Oakland foothills it's obviously not a problem.  In the United States the Jewish people have it as good as it gets.  We are not persecuted and there is no de jure discrimination against us and very little de facto discrimination.

This is much less the case in Europe and in the Middle East, fuggedaboutit.

I have to say, it pisses me off when some Jewish people whine and bitch and moan about virtually non-existent threats, like Mets102 did with the Westboro Baptist Church, while almost entirely ignoring the real and present danger posed by political Islam.  Has Foxman come out unequivocally against the Hagel nomination?  Not that I am aware of, he hasn't.  Hagel favors Hamas over the Jews and yet this is what Foxman complains about?


Look, I love complaining.  I live for complaining... just ask Laurie.  But this is just nonsense.

We have got to get our priorities straight and standing up against Ted, for chrissake, should not be high on the list.

Besides, I love Ted.  He is the cutest, crudest, most obnoxious stoner Teddy Bear in the long and dishonorable history of Teddy Bears.  Teddy Roosevelt, himself, would laugh his ass off.  Have another taste:


  1. Mike I don't have words strong enough to describe this sketch, which now will give all the antisemites whose blogs I frequent more ammo. My jaw dropped so much it almost hit the floor.

    Disgusting beyond words. You may have to good in the US, but Michael, the US is not the big wide world.

    This though is a hoot. Look at the expressions on the faces of the women he names. Priceless.


  2. Haven't seen it, don't plan to, but knowing what I know of MacFarlane I'd have to say I likely would take Shirl's (and Foxman's) view here, myself...

  3. Thanks Jay

    The funny part here is that I rarely watch TV. I just happened to want to speak with my husband, who was watching TV and saw it

    I can't believe it. I plays right into the hands of the antisemites I am so upset about it. I defend and defend us that the following things aren't true and then to hear this. I am appalled beyond belief.

    Ahmadinejad ...yes.
    A comedian (if that is what he is supposed to be) in the USA ... no

    Let's not forget either it's not just local content, it's universal.

    "Jews control the media"
    "Jews control Hollywood"
    "Jews control TV"
    "Jews control the US" and on and on ad infinitum

  4. Sorry Michael, it doesn't come across like that. We were both horrified