Friday, February 22, 2013

Anti-Jewish Violence Explodes in France

Mike L. 
French Jewish Leader: “The Number of Anti-Semitic Acts Has Exploded”

France saw an increase of 58 percent in anti-Semitic incidents in 2012 compared to the previous year, according to a report released Tuesday by the SPCJ, the security unit of France’s Jewish communities.

The report showed that 614 anti-Semitic acts were documented in the country last year compared to 389 in 2011.

Incidents in which the victims were accosted physically or verbally on the street increased 82 percent, to 315 last year from 177 cases in 2011, SPCJ said. A fourth of the 96 physical anti-Semitic assaults involved a weapon.

The head of France’s CRIF Jewish representative group, Richard Prasquier, said the increase in incidents “damages the image of France.”
Well, this kind of thing may damage the image of France or it may not.  In fact, my suspicion is that it will not because most people neither know nor care.

Another question to ask, needless to say, is to what degree anti-Jewish violence in France is coming from native Europeans and to what extent is it coming from Muslim immigrants and the children of Muslim immigrants.

One thing is certain all the hate crime statistics show that anti-Jewish violence is far and away more of problem than violence against the Muslim community, either in the United States or in Europe.

Progressives may care about "Islamophobia" but they very definitely do not care about rising levels of anti-Semitic violence within their communities because they help promote that violence through defaming and demonizing the Jewish State of Israel.

This is why I take such exception to a raging hypocrite like David Harris-Gershon, "The Troubadour" on Daily Kos.  He claims to speak for peace and for social justice whereas, in fact, he encourages hatred toward his fellow Jews via his defamation of the Jewish State.


  1. Speaking of The Troub, his latest piece shows that he hates the USA, too, as he tries so hard to show his progressive cred.

    1. Yes and he has a lot of company over there too. Buncha America hating commies.

    2. Well, I'll just say that they are America hating fools that think what they prescribe will remove every ill, while experience shows their theories, as applied, are much worse for humanity.

    3. Not to mention how fortunate they are to live in a society where they can 'speak out' (at least insofar as what they're doing constitutes 'speaking out') without any fear of consequences.

      If they could somehow snap a finger and be in charge of things the next morning, I doubt many of them would extend that same courtesy to their opponents, considering how they already speak of those they disagree with, and the authoritarian tendencies many of these very same 'progressives' show.