Friday, February 1, 2013

Dueling Cartoonists.


The cartoonist for Algemeiner has responded to the recent Sunday Times blood libel cartoon. I like it!


  1. One of the figures in this cartoon should be a Nazi because they are, in fact, acting as contemporary Nazis.

    We have to understand that the people who defame Israel, today, are the ideological heirs of Nazi Germany. They are involved in the same project of defamation that leads to Jewish bloodshed.

    The only question, in this generation like every other generation for 2,000 years, is just how much bloodshed.

    If you want to understand why Jewish numbers are so small, or just how it happened that the Nazis took out my father's side of the family, the cartoon above says it.

    It's because then, as now, people keep telling one another how loathsome the Jews are. The only difference is that today, because they see themselves as "liberal" anti-racists, they project their hatred for us onto the Jewish State of Israel, rather than onto Jews as Jews.

    1. Yes.

      To clarify:

      The lies used to be about Jews (when Jews were without a state -- for two thousand years).

      The lies are now about the Jewish state -- the newly-re-founded (liberal democratic, very small) sole nation of the Jewish people.

      It needs to be made clear and understood that it's about lies. Jew-hatred -- anti-Jewish bigotry - is the propagation of, and belief in, lies that vilify the Jewish people.

    2. Quite right, Dan.

      And the very first lie is that the Jewish people of the Middle East oppress "Palestinians."

  2. I really couldn't believe some of the things I read defending that original piece of hate speech masquerading as a 'cartoon.'

    I mean, really. Where would they draw the line? If there had been horns drawn on his head, would they have also just claimed it was simply the 'cartoonist' poking fun at the prime minister's haircut?

  3. Good but still too tame in my eyes. The counter-cartoon should be as bloodstained as the original, if not more so. I'm someone who believes the only way to win against a vicious enemy is by being at least as vicious as he. When demonized, demonize back.