Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hagel Confirmed as Secretary of Defense

Mike L. 
Chuck Hagel’s painful, prolonged and divisive nomination battle in the Senate finally ended Tuesday, but it is only a prelude to the national-security challenges that will greet him on his first day of work at the Pentagon.

Hagel is scheduled to be sworn in Wednesday as secretary of defense after he scraped together enough support to win Senate confirmation by a 58 to 41 vote. Until the very end, he had to overcome fierce opposition from pro-Israel groups and a filibuster led by fellow Republicans who neither forgot nor forgave his withering criticism of the George W. Bush administration’s handling of the war in Iraq.
The above link is to the Washington Post, but it is a lie.

There was no "fierce opposition from pro-Israel groups."

Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America stood up.

A few other Jewish groups snapped out of their vegetable torpor in time to scratch their heads, but that was basically it.

There was no "fierce opposition."

There was nothing even remotely close to "fierce opposition."

And now, due to American Jewish progressive-left ideological blindness, we have the first openly anti-Semitic Secretary of Defense in modern times; a man who favors Iran and Hamas and Hezbollah over the Jews in the Middle East.

"Progressive Zionists" should be very proud.



  1. I was screaming at the TV about this. I've been doing it for weeks. Hagel is a whore for sale to the highest Arab and Persian bidder. Always has been. He's a narcissist who'd rather be hated than ignored. And of course he's that perfect mix of stupid leftist progressive and right wing Pat Buchanan racist. The kind of candidate built to order for Salon.com, Huffington Post, Glenn Greenwald and others.

    But there are two important points to remember:

    1 - Obama owns this tool's words, actions and decisions now. Obama got what he wanted. As per Chris "Balloonhead" Matthews standing on his desk shouting "We Won, You Lost, We Can Do Whatever We Want!!!!" he's got his man. He's Obamas dog and Obama can clean the rug when his pisses all over it.

    2 - Obama is a monomaniac who neither seeks out nor takes counsel from anyone except his closest coterie of Chicago fixers. And none of them need Senate approval. Obama's cabinet officers are hand puppets and mouthpieces sent out to repeat whatever Obama tells them to. It could be Hagel it could be anyone. Hagel has been given the job to run cover for and to execute Obama's instructions, the most pressing of which is to radically shrink the military and remove as much as America's global reach.

    Prior to Hagel the largest number of 'No' votes any Sec Def nominee received was 11. Hagel got 42 I believe. So as he fights half of Congress to close bases, close down programs and fire hundreds of thousands of people. And that work starts TODAY. Sequestration begins tomorrow and the DoD is slated to take most of those cuts, no matter that Obama's commercials lie that puppies, teachers, firefighters and national parks will all be done away with.

    So I am optimistic that Hagel will find himself way out of his depth and may in few months find himself facing down huge pressure from the military to fire him.