Friday, February 1, 2013

Say "Hello" to The Jewish Thinker

Mike L.

The Jewish Thinker has been kind enough to publish one of my pieces entitled, Hillary’s Call for Auto-Stupefaction.
The Jewish Thinker is home of independent writing and opinion on matters affecting the Jewish people. It is entirely non-profit and is dedicated to stimulating discussion and thought on the issues of greatest concern to the Jews and their state.

The challenges facing the State of Israel, fighting Holocaust revisionism and denial, examining assimilation, anti-semitism, identity and other issues affecting the Diaspora – you lead the discourse by contributing your pieces, commenting on the articles of others and instantly sharing your views with the world through the power of social media.

We encourage a range of opinions and perspectives. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We strive to give people a voice. A forum where you can express your greatest concerns, strongest beliefs and boldest viewpoints.
Check it out.

And a very special thanks to Shirl in Oz for hooking me up.
Until such a time as the administration recognizes its mistake in refusing to face political Islam for what it is, its efforts in that part of the world will remain both dangerous and counterproductive.

Israel would, therefore, be very well advised to avoid Obama’s influence on the “peace process,” which he helped kill through his essentially racist demand for “total settlement freeze,” until the United States puts forth an administration less enamoured of, as Landes put it, “auto-stupefaction.”

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