Friday, February 22, 2013

Australia's Answer To Pat Condell


All is not lost while we still have young people in our country like this one.

Do listen to what he has to say while you can.

I have a horrible feeling YouTube will silence him soon enough.

And congratulations to Pat Condell for the inspiration to us all.

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  1. I have to say, Geoffff, Wilders is one of those people that I tend to go back and forth on.

    I am a critic of political Islam. Just as liberals in the west tend to oppose making Christianity the basis of law, so I oppose making Islam the basis of law.

    The reason that as an American I free to speak out against political Islam is because Sharia institutionalizes Jews, and non-Muslims, as something akin to slaves, which is what dimmitude is.

    The difference between Wilders and myself, if I understand him correctly, is that he opposes Islam in itself because of his concern about Islamic immigration and "stealth Jihad."

    Is that correct?

    I feel reasonably certain that this distinction, the distinction between Islam and what I call "political Islam" may be the basis for conversation going forward.

  2. I make the same distinction Mike.

    Wilders makes a distinction between "Islam" which he says is an ideology and "Muslims" who accepts can be and usually are good and moderate people but he says that all immigration from Islamic countries should be stopped including by non-Muslims.

    By that he hopes to deflect the discrimination tag. It's the ideology he hates, not the people.

    I would not go that far but I would certainly impose a "no-hate, no -violence" test on all immigrants and asylum seekers on a one by one basis.

    "Do you believe that there is an immutable and higher law that should be spread across the world if necessary by force?"

    "Do you believe that there is a small minority of people who are intrinsically evil and who alone may be descended from animals and who are seeking to control the world?"

    "Do you think that the word of a man is worth that of two women?"

    and so on

    Answer yes to one question and you are out. Fuck off. No question.

  3. Thanks Mike

    Please let me know how you did that after Shabbos