Monday, February 4, 2013

You Have My Thanks

Mike L.

I am proud to announce that The Failures of Progressive-Left Zionism: Political Islam is the single most widely read piece in the history of Israel Thrives with over 2,000 page views and counting since initial publication.

I am also pleased to announce that our readership, while relatively small, is continuing to grow and has doubled over the last year, or thereabouts, to around 15,000 page views per month.  As political sands continue to shift and as more and more people come to recognize that old assumptions, such as that the "Palestinians" want a state of their own in peace next to the Jewish one, are false, people are becoming hungry for new ideas and new directions.

The main purpose of Israel Thrives is not to advocate for any one specific political party or political movement, but to simply discuss significant trends in the long Arab war against the Jews of the Middle East and to do so in ways that are not necessarily reflective of the old, failed Oslo Delusion.

For my part, I have every intention of nurturing the continued increase in our readership and hope to always bring in new writers with new ideas, even as I branch out into other venues, as well.  Working on this project has been at times deeply distressing and at other times highly gratifying.  It has also been a terrific learning experience and I very much want to thank people such as Doodad and oldschooltwentysix and Geoffff (of Bar and Grill fame) and JayinPhiladelphia and Dan Bielak and ShirlinOz and Randall Kohn and ZionTruth and any number of other people who have participated here and helped make this into a venue where alternative voices can be listened to and considered in a respectful manner.  It's not everywhere in the political blogs where this happens, but it definitely happens here.

You guys are great and I just want to thank you most sincerely.

Mike Lumish, proprietor - Israel Thrives


  1. Right back at'cha. All of youze.

    I will freely admit that I am somewhat eccentric, but I am not "deranged." For the record. When my Gharkad tree and I discuss these things, we always end up at this conclusion.


    So thanks to all who put up with me! Heh.

    If we can't poke fun at ourselves from time to time, we're taking life way too seriously.

    Also, too.

    Since I see the link up there, I feel I should note that I have plans for my blog (aside from the random, chaotic placekeeper-type stuff which is on it now) which I intend to carry out soon, and they'll be worth checking out!

  2. Congrats Mioe. I love this place and all the fine people who post here!

  3. I am proud too Mike. Proud of you and I would be grateful if you cross posted the "The Failures of Progressive-Left Zionism" at the Bar and Grill so I can position it in the right places around here. I'm also proud of the rest of you.

    This is hard and dirty work. You probably understand how many times I have just had to get out of the place and go for a long walk on the beach to calm the nerve ends.

    I sense we are making a difference. My page views are growing too and are now over 2500 a month. Still tiny I know but bear in mind my blog is not yet twelve months old and some times my posting can be sporadic. The majority of visitors are Australian.

    Jay let me tell you you are welcome at the Bar and Grill any time of the day and night. That goes for all of you. This is from an email I got yesterday from elinor. "I was amused to read Jay's comments on this piece. Snow does that to people"

    We need you friend. We need all of you.

    1. Thanks, geoffff! I've been meaning to stop by more often, I'll get over there again soon.

      Smow and I are mortal enemies, going waaaaay back. But that's a long story, for another time... ;)

    2. Snow, too. Snow and smow. Whoever smow is. I'm sure he's a nasty fella, too, though...

    3. Geoffff,

      and thanks for posting Elinor's writings. That last piece, in particular, I thought was good.

      You and I both tend to write on politics, but I would love to see more cultural material around this joint.

      And, yeah, this is ugly work. Christ 'Amighty no one does this for pleasure, but because someone has got to stand the hell up. That's why we do it and we do it knowing that we will incur the disdain of any number of people, including any number of Jews.

      Oh, joy!

      It nonetheless remains the case that the Jews of the Middle East are a people under siege and have been a people under siege for 14 centuries continually.

      Not only will virtually no one defend them, they actually blame them for the hatred directed at them.

      So we stand up and we join with others who will do so, as well, and that includes Evangelical Christians, in my opinion.

      But we stand up.

      The Day of the Dhimmi is Done.

    4. Okay, I'll revive the idea of doing a semi-regular irregular food post here. Soon!

      My contribution to expanding the culture-type stuff at IT.

      After all, we can all use more Mediterranean-ish food in our lives! I highly recommend the shawarma and Romanian Kabob at Hamifgash (Glatt Kosher) here in Philadelphia, run by a fantastic Israeli-Turkish couple, if any of youze ever find yourselves in town. Also, I just had a kefta sandwich from Alyan's down South Street way for dinner tonight on the way home. Great Middle Eastern place, open late.

      University City, as well as the outer areas of Bustleton and elsewhere, are other neighborhoods with good Israeli-ish eateries I need to check out asap.

      Somewhat related, I really want to explore the Afghan (Jewish history in modern-day Afghanistan dates back over 1000 years) restaurants on Chestnut near Penn's Landing very soon, too...

    5. What fascinates me most about Afghan cuisine, which much to my shame I've never tried yet, is that they use a lot of dried fruits in their cooking, similar to a lot of Aleppian Jewish recipes I've come across and made (badly, but I'm trying!)...

  4. Glad to have a place to vent and to converse with those of a similar world view.

    The world is a better place because of you, and your commenters as well.

  5. Aw shucks Mike. Kol HaKavod
    I've done nothing much. Whatever I can do to help anyone who supports Israel I will do. That's why I don't have a minute to spare. I could do with more hours in the day and more days in the week

    Same as Randall on the venting, which I'm about to do and it could and possibly should be a separate post, because what the loony left Jews down under here in Oz has done is an abominable. Geoff, I might add, has been with me pretty much all the way with it too.

    This saga is about our dearly beloved Australian Jewish Democratic Society , which I am led to believe is something like your equally vile J Street.

    Last Friday, I was sent this

    The letter that the Australian Jewish News would not run.
    Jan 24, 2013
    This letter was submitted to the Australian Jewish News on January 21, 2013, ahead of a major fundraising drive by the Jewish National Fund. The editor has indicated that he will not publish it.
    Once again, the Australian Jewish community is being hindered from hearing other voices by a media outlet which considers itself inclusive and authoritative.
    Dear Sir
    With the Jewish National Fund (JNF) “Green Sunday” coming up, this year raising money for projects in the Beersheva region, there are some important reasons why we need to think carefully about the role that the JNF plays in Israel. For instance,
    * Despite some tinkering due to recent court cases in Israel, the JNF charter prohibits the sale or renting of land to non-Jews. Yet Israel is supposed to be a state for all its citizens. Would we support such a form of discrimination against defined groups of citizens in Australia?
    * The JNF receives land from the forced removal of Bedouin villages in the Negev. While the JNF claims that such Bedouin settlements are unlawful, the deliberate resettlement of indigenous populations such as the Bedouin (and they are classified as such) clearly breaches international protocols. One village, Al Araqib, has been demolished 45 times, and its demolition orders are currently facing Supreme Court appeal.
    * For decades now, the JNF’s forests have been used to cover up destroyed Palestinian villages. The villagers, many of whom fled and were not involved in hostilities, have no right to return or to claim compensation.
    * The JNF continues to plant pine trees even though it is very clear that this is environmentally irresponsible and contributes to devastating forest fires. They are the wrong trees for the local environment.
    * The JNF is active in the Occupied Territories, through its involvement with evictions of Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Supporting the Occupation in this way politicises the JNF in a very divisive way.
    There are more ethical, non-discriminatory and environmentally-friendly organisations in Israel which deserve the support of the Australian Jewish community. These include the Green Environment Fund and Friends of the Earth Middle East, as well as Israeli hospitals which offer treatment without fear or favour, and of course, social development organisations supported by the New Israel Fund and other organisations. With the establishment of Israel over 65 years ago, it’s past time for us to think seriously about our support for the JNF.
    Executive, Australian Jewish Democratic Society

  6. Part two

    Me being me, saw not only red, but every colour on the face of the earth. I went to their Facebook page on the attack. Poor little misunderstood darlings, it turns out not only had their letter been refused for publication by the AJN - Australian Jewish News but also by J-Wire, which is an Internet Jewish news web site for Australia and NZ.
    I was fuming to say the least, so much so I have been banned. . That made me even more angry, so I went to the personal FB page of the President, or whatever his stupid title is and he got it with both barrels blaring. How dare he? I am appalled, he and his loony left cronies are always the first to complain about lack of freedom of speech and yet they are the first to deny it. I find the same with all the left and pro-Palestinian web sites, nothing gets posted without approval and is to their liking.
    Sunday here in Oz was the Jewish National Fund 'Green Sunday' with phonathons being conducted around the country at various locations. This load of ratbags in a fit of temper tantrums decided to hold some kind of an anti JNF rally at their offices
    This is their warped account, followed by the JWire link. I know which one I believe!!

    "Your traitors, kapos, you should be shot". Well, those were the pleasant words issued by one person in my age group at a small protest outside where the Jewish National Fund 'Green Sunday' phonathon is being conducted (at the Jewish community offices).

    Such was the total paranoia at the potential security threat represented by an informal group of 5 or 6 people, a nice, dog, and some leaflets, and please and thank yous, that in order to prevent a terrorist incident, 3 squad cars were called by the powers that be and even more security back up. The security guys also tried to pretend they owned the footpath, which they don't.

    The copper in charge rather bemusedly reminded us not to engage in racial vilification (we're all Jewish! we cried), blockades etc. It was all smiles with him and he left us alone. Not so with the very angry security and representatives of the Jewish National Fund who would not permit anyone coming into the building to bring a leaflet in. That is contamination! After all, how dare we hand out leaflets to impressionable teenagers (like, er, what was the point of view they were getting). Apparently, an 'alert' has gone out about the threat we posed. I am sure that as I type, the leaflet and our photos are being filed away and our photos shared with intelligence agencies as a threat to Israeli security. Come off it!

    It is truly a pathetic situation. And ultra-leftist cause tourists. I'm not interest in any gatecrashers.”

    1. "I am appalled, he and his loony left cronies are always the first to complain about lack of freedom of speech and yet they are the first to deny it."

      What I find quite interesting these days is self-proclaimed leftists who mistakenly conflate 'freedom of speech' with 'freedom from being criticized.' This phenomenon is most easily witnessed on certain progressive-left blogs at which I used to participate, at least before I got kicked out of one in particular for practicing that very freedom of speech which they thought I shouldn't have, what with some things I said conflicting with their 'values' and all...

      Phew, that was a mouthful!

      I'll echo Mike in thanking you too, Shirl. Keep it up!

    2. Thanks Jay

      At times I find it quite amazing that I don't have high blood pressure, because I should have !! I go from one thing like this to another. I am also at everyone's beck and call.

      A couple of months ago I was ready to give up the ghost.It had been a day from hell, everyone in the Jewish Community it seemed wanted a piece of me.

      I had emails galore to answer. I was on the phone, when my mobile phone rang. It was a wonderful call from a very special person, who is an amazing friend.I don't know what I have done to deserve someone so special in my life. Not only is he a major funder in the Community, he is there for me any time I want him. He has made it very clear any time 24/7 that I need him, he is at the other end of the phone.

      I was in minor meltdown, when my husband asked what we were having for dinner. Then I heard a car horn, my grandson had asked me to go somewhere with him so he could get my opinion on something.

      That's when I went into meltdown and poor Jeremy copped it. I was screaming "Me, why me? Why is it always me? Can't anyone else do anything?'

      He said the problem is that I am a 'doer' and everyone knows if they want anything done "Call Shirlee"

      The problem is I can't say NO

  7. What did I just say. Why me?

    I have opened my big mouth and now been asked if I can arrange a large meeting in Melbourne, 2 weeks time, 1,000 kilometres away ASAP for Ari Briggs. Ari is a good friend and the International Director of Regavim.

    The JNF will oblige and I know someone with a group if I can get hold of him. At 8am he didn't answer his phone.

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    1. Now here I was, hoping that your tale of Lifestyles of the Luxury Dog Beds would be at least as interesting as the tale Mr. Cheeks, Spigg Nice, Pretty Lou and Freaky Tah had to tell about the lifestyles they witnessed way back in 1996.

      Yet you did not.

      For shame, sir.

      You never even let us know what comes after "excellent hygiene." What a cliffhanger. Tsk, tsk...