Friday, February 8, 2013

“People Want New Revolution” (TOI Piece)

Mike L.

“People Want New Revolution”

In terms of foreign policy the liberal position is to support the secular democrats in Tunis and Tehran and Cairo.

We must stand with the Arab liberals in opposition to the misogynistic  homophobic, genocidally anti-Semitic fascists who are taking control of government after government in the Arab-Muslim Middle East.

This means standing up to the president of the United States because Barack Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood and the rise of political Islam.

If you support Barack Obama's foreign policy then you are standing with the genocidal Jew haters.

I find it unfathomable that any liberal Jew, or any liberal, period, would do so.


  1. Not to mention this open letter to President Obama:

    It's not limited to Jews either, but Christians in Egypt and Europe, as the Coptic Pope tells us, as the UK Sharia patrols and attempted assassination of Lars Hedegaard makes clear.

    1. Y'know, School, it occurs to me that Copts don't have much influence in the west, but western Jews do if we would simply stand up for ourselves.

      We could help them if we would only help ourselves.

  2. A good rule of thumb is that if Obama calls you his ally run like hell. His support of the Gen-x and Gen-y'rs in Egypt to the tune of $275 million dollars tossed them all in the proverbial dustbin of history. They polled in the high single digits of the fist round of elections last year and disappeared. Obama's support of Kadima almost destroyed the party forever.

    Obama has an almost charmingly naive disconnect with the realities of Arab societies in the Maghreb and Mizrahi. He seems to really believe that if you drop plane loads of smart phones on them and tell them that the path to the future is paved with gay rights, free weed and secularism then the bright shining city on the hill is theirs for the taking. The Maghreb is NEVER EVER EVER going to be a dry sandy dusky version of Ibiza or Amsterdam. Never. Not Ever. In that part of the world you have two fundamental choices - authoritarianism or worse, to cobble together a gaggle of tribes that hate one another, or, open internecine warfare among those tribes (or clans or religious sects or whatnot). Those are your two choices so pick one. Overlayed on that is a toxic stew of nearly psychotic Medieval Islamic fundamentalism which rejects the very notion of a country in the first place. They have one goal - "Make the World Muslim". Period full stop. And it's irrelevant how high the pile of skulls they make to get there. Telling these people about feminists and iPhones and facebook and the virtues of participatory government is worse than insane. It's dangerously stupid.

    Anyone remember the original "War of the Worlds" from the '50's with Gene Barry? When the townspeople first go to the Martian 'meteor' waving a white flag and shouting they come in peace? Remember what happened to them? Incinerated into ashy shadows like it was Hiroshima.