Monday, February 11, 2013

Israeli surfers rescue 8 drowning children in Hawaii

Mike L.

The three hailed as heroes by parents who watched helplessly from shore as their children were swept out to sea.

Three Israeli surfers went to the aid of eight children struggling in the waters off Hawaii on Saturday, Channel 2 television reported, after huge waves began surging toward the coast. The three – Tzvika Elias, Yair Naftali and Gabi Liptz – were hailed as heroes by the children’s parents.

“We had gone to a remote beach half an hour from Honolulu,” 30-year-old Elias, who lives in New York, told Channel 2. “The waves there were high, huge breakers about four meters high, and as the minutes past, the waves got stronger and even higher.”

Elias and his friends then saw a group of children aged between 12 and 14 who had gotten into difficulties in the water.

“As we neared the children we saw that they had been swept out to sea and were being pounded by the huge waves,” he told Channel 2.


  1. You won't improve Israel's image by showing our good deeds, Mike. The deterioration of Israel's image in the world has nothing to do with our actions, it's all about the fact that the sworn enemies of the Jews and their state, the Marxists, allies of the Islamic imperialists in their ambition to destroy the Jewish State and butcher its inhabitants, have near-total control of the worldwide media, and therefore, of the way Israel is portrayed.

    There's what the Jewish State needs to do and what we as individuals can do. The Jewish State needs to bring the worldwide media to heel by use of threats (lawful for a nation-state as the protector of its resident nation). What we as individuals can do is show, not how good we are, but how right we are, how rightful our claim to the Land of Israel, and how wrongful any and all opposition to it.

    Our enemies say, "No peace without justice!" Very well: Let us respond that we do not want any kind of peace based on the unjust conception that the Jewish nation needs to comply with the demands of the Islamic imperialist aggressors. We want peace, but peace can only come after the Jewish nation's rights are satisfied.

  2. If Gershon et al wrote the news.....

    "Israelis stop children from playing in the water...will the apartheid never stop?"

    1. He'd ask what all those Israelis were doing here in the first place. And the fact that they just so happened to be in that place at that time? Hmmm. I'm sure it's some sort of SurfZOG conspiracy...

  3. Off topic, but check this out:

  4. Good to know that these kids have been rescued alive, thanks to this surfers who risk their lives just to rescue 8 children who are in the midst of trouble. Parents should be blame on this ,incident if they watch their children closely this could not happen. But it happened already and this should be a lesson to parents to watch their children in the beach. Thanks to this child rescue volunteers.