Friday, April 19, 2013

After Boston attack: US Muslims reliving post 9-11 experience

Mike L. 

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Muslims in the US are living in fear, praying that those responsible for the bombings in Boston will be apprehended and shown to be non-Muslim. Over the last few days, reports of harassment of Arabs and Muslims have been coming up throughout the US, especially at places of employment and in schools.

Apprehensions were raised among Arabs and Muslims after the New York Post published the photos of two Muslim teens, who the paper's headlines claimed, were wanted by authorities for questioning in relation to the Boston bombings.

A short time after the attack, the main headline on the newspaper’s site had stated that at least 12 people had been killed and that the main suspect was a Saudi who had been arrested by Boston Police. Law enforcement quickly denied the reports, saying they had not arrested a Saudi national, or anyone else.
The link above is to a Y-Net article, but the Boston Globe is reporting that two Chechen immigrants, brothers, are suspects for the attack in Boston.

I know that some people are crowing that these people are Muslim.

Speaking for myself, I have no intention of using this space to slander Muslims because of this.

The Jewish people in the Middle East have lived under Islamic supremacy for thirteen of the last fourteen centuries.  That's an historical fact, but it does not mean that we need to stir the pot and start screaming our heads off.

I still want to know more about what was behind this and why they did it - if they did it. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was apparently shot dead by the cops, but until such a time as his brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, starts screaming "Alahu Akbar!" and "Death to America!" I am emphatically NOT going to go under the assumption that this was a Jihadi attack.

It might very well have been, but I do not know that to be the case and the fact of the matter remains that the Muslim population in the United States is a small minority and if they have fears of persecution, those fears should be considered and not denigrated.

Nonetheless, I have considerable faith in the American public and I do not believe for one second that Americans will launch into to some anti-Muslim frenzy.  We didn't after 9-11 and we're not going to do so now.


  1. Newton, MA is one of the nexi of fervant liberal pro radical Islam antisemitism in America. This week alone there were two news stories about school books they use that came from Saudi Arabia chock full of blood libels and lies ansd it's the Jews there defending it. So here's what you do, Mass, round up all the 'martyrs', 'militants', 'freedom fighters' and such from who originate from Chechnya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia et al and you drop them all in Newton and declare it an Islamic Autonomous Region. In fact most of the liberal Jews there now would be thrilled since they're already bowing and scraping.

  2. You are a good and decent man, Mike, as witnessed by your remarks here. I suspect Muslims have a right to be frightened although as stats have shown since 9/11 actual incidents have been far fewer than the popular imagination would have us believe. Americans generally are sane and decent. Still, despite the best hopes of most Muslims and a huge number of Americans (and probably people everywhere,)it turns out the culprits are indeed Muslims. Sad but true. And the big question remains; how many more like these are out there waiting to spring into action? Let's hope it is few. G-d Bless America (and everywhere else these few but monstrous attack innocents.)

  3. Boston, much like Newtown, is close to my heart.

    Newtown is right next door to where I was raised, but Boston was always within spitting distance, as well, and I have had friends in and around Boston since I was a kid.

    When I was at UCONN we would often go up to Boston to visit people and have a good time and, perhaps, watch the Red Sox.

    The Newtown massacre was harder on my heart because I used to work in Newtown. I know that community and it's a small rural community.

    Boston is a world-class city, but it's one of my cities, so to speak and therefore I just want to be as fair as possible so as not to use the dead and maimed as a weapon against our fellow Americans.

    There is a part of me that feels the need to simply back off a little.

    I'll wait and watch, but I do want to hear what you guys have to say.

  4. Mike,

    Muslims living in fear?

    And who said this to the Western Press? The Muslim Brotherhood front-organization CAIR?

    Mike, you're a very empathetic and compassion person, as are Jewish people in general, and as I presume are the authors of that article on YNet, but...

    Some statistics of victims of "religion-related" hate-crimes in the U.S. (although Jewish is not merely, nor exclusively, a religious affiliation, but, rather, is a cultural affiliation and an ethnic affiliation and can be a religious affiliation):


    66.1%: anti-Jewish
    7.5%: anti-Muslim,


    70.1%: anti-Jewish
    9.3%: anti-Muslim


    65.4%: anti-Jewish
    13.2%: anti-Muslim

    How many "Muslim Apartheid Weeks" have there been at University campuses in the U.S.?

    How many U.S. journals -- such as the U.S. journal "Foreign Policy" -- are saying that "The Muslim Lobby" is controlling U.S. foreign policy (WHICH IN FACT WOULD BE AN ACCURATE STATEMENT)?

    Is there an OJC (Organization of Jewish Co-Operation) in the world which is the second largest international organization in the world, second only to the United Nations, and which is the largest and most powerful voting block in the United Nations?

    How many sets of 56 Jewish states are there in the world?

    Is there a huge totalitarian Jewish supremacist political movement in the world?

    How many verses are there in Torah that command all adherents of Judaism to subjugate or kill all non-adherents of Judaism in the world until the whole world is governed by "Jewish law"?

    How many over one thousand years did Jewish people invade and annihilate, and commit genocide against the members of, almost all of the civilizations in the Middle East and conquer the Middle East and establish a totalitarian Jewish-supremacist system of rule over the Middle East?

    How many is there of a secular liberal democratic newly-refounded very small sole Muslim state in the world that, since it has been newly re-founded, has been under intendedly genocidal siege and which is being universally libeled and vilified by Western mass media, Western governments, Western academics, etc.?

    How many "Jewish Law"-compliant swimming pools are there at Harvard University?


    Of course, people who are Muslim shouldn't be unjustly discriminated against. And people who are Muslim are not being discriminated against in the U.S.

    Being compassionate is good.

    It's time for Jewish people to start to be mindful.

    1. Typo correction:

      ...compassionate person...

    2. Dan, if I may say so, I think that you are missing my point.

      My point is that American-Muslims represent a distinct minority in the United States and when they get slandered it creates potential harm to all individuals within the group.

      I oppose this.

    3. Mike,

      I, too, don't want harm to come people who are culturally Muslim nor to anyone else.

      To prevent harm to everyone, including people who are culturally Muslim, what needs to be done is to call out and dispel the endemic pervasive institutional anti-Jewish bigotry and, as part of that, and thereby, call out and stop the U.S. government's and the U.S. mass media's, and U.S. academia's, collusion with the Islamic supremacist political movement.

  5. On the "Boston Islamic Society Cultural Center":

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Imam


    BTW: I knew, years ago, about the events regarding the Muslim-Brotherhood-affiliated "Boston Islamic Society Cultural Center" documented in this video. Around the time those events were happening I saw videos that, and a document presentation by Charles Jacobs that, documented those events (the building of the "Boston Islamic Society Cultural Center"). It was one of the first things that alarmed me to the extent of problem -- the infiltration into the U.S by the Islamic supremacist political movement and, as the main part of that, the collusion with it by U.S. governmental authorities and by the U.S. news media AND BY AMERICAN SO-CALLED "JEWISH LEADERS". I was horrified by the U.S. governmental support, financial and political, for the "Boston Islamic Society Cultural Center", and by footage I saw of Boston local TV news media's superficial bigoted coverage obfuscating for the "Boston Islamic Society Cultural Center". In footage that I saw of TV news media coverage that I saw, a representative of the "Boston Islamic Society Cultural Center" bold-faced lied, smiling, to the credulous local news media reporters who lapped-up everything he said -- it was amazing to me -- it was horrific to me. And I was horrified by the marginalization of the Jewish whistleblower, Charles Jacobs (and his fellow whistleblower, Ahmed Mansour -- a truly "moderate" (non-orthodox -- non-Shariah-adherent, non-Shariah-proponent) Muslim).


    Charles Jacobs' organization:

    Americans for Peace & Tolerance

    The Imam and the Governor


    Posts about the "Boston Islamic Society Cultural Center", on the blog Solomonia by Martin Solomon:


    The Silencing, By Martin Solomon

    "Before CAIR and the Flying Imams...the Islamic Society of Boston had already pioneered the use of lawsuits to silence their critics and the media."