Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kerry: 2 state solution may be dead within 2 years

Mike L.
“I believe the window for a two-state solution is shutting,” US secretary of state tells House Foreign Affairs Committee.

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned on Wednesday that the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be dead within two years.

“I believe the window for a two-state solution is shutting,” Kerry told the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee. “I think we have some period of time, a year, a year-and-a-half, or two years or it’s over.”

The secretary of state’s comments come amid a renewed US drive to rekindle direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, which have been largely frozen since late 2008.

US President Barack Obama – along with Kerry – visited Israel last month to speak with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Kerry returned again last week for further meetings, and promised to come back shortly.

He is scheduled to unveil a plan soon to improve the Palestinian economy in hopes that it would help the Palestinians return to the table.
John Kerry is an intellectual lemming.  There is no "window" for the two-state solution.  The two-state solution can be achieved, however long it takes, so long as the parties involved want a two-state solution.

Kerry's notion that we have only about two years is entirely arbitrary.  And the very idea that the Arab settlers need to be bribed in order to accept sovereignty on Jewish land is absolutely ridiculous.  I thought that these people were oppressed?  What kind of oppression is it when those who suffer under the boot of that oppression refuse their own freedom unless Israel and the west offers them financial incentives to do so?

You guys are being taken for a ride, but at least the people who read here and who participate here tend to know that.

If Kerry and Obama want to make history by concluding a peace deal between the Arab colonists and the indigenous Jews they could do so, but it will require pressuring the Arabs, not the Jews, for the simple reason that the Jews have already agreed to two states for two peoples going all the way back to 1937.  Yet against all reason the Obama administration still thinks that pressuring the Jews to accept what we've always accepted, while throwing money at the local Arabs, who have never accepted a state for themselves in peace next to Israel, is a good idea.

And that's the point.

The only thing that's killing the two-state solution is Arab racism against Jews.  Were it not for the fact that the Arabs refuse to allow Jews to live in any future state in Judea and Samaria they could have come to a negotiated conclusion of hostilities long ago.  The fact that local Arab dictator Mahmoud Abbas uses the presence of Jews in Judea and Samaria as his excuse not to negotiate should awaken us all to the malicious anti-Jewish racism at the very core of the Arab political movement in opposition to social justice for the Jews in the Middle East.

The Arab colonial movement is anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-American, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-liberal, and anti-democratic, yet we continue to play games with these people as if they are serious about peace.  They aren't.

What they want is victory and the sooner that we understand that - the sooner that Barack Obama figures that out - the better off we will all be.


  1. Key point is this sentence:

    '[Palestinian Authority] President [Mahmoud] Abbas deep down is not convinced – and that may be a light word for it – that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel are ever going to give them a state,” he said.'

    No one gives you a state. No one. Not ever. Israel wasn't 'given' to the Jews. It wasn't created in 1948 as a consolation prize. 1948 was simply the ACKNOWLEDGMENT that Israel indeed ALREADY existed at end of a 2,000 year process to gain that acknowledgement. Zionism didn't 'create' Israel. Zionism was only the last few steps in that inevitable culmination.

    This is John Kerry either being a bit dull or a bit political because, and let me say this again, NO ONE is GIVING anyone, least of all the Arabs, a state, another state, this state or any other. Even the stupid mandarins in the EU fully understood that what Fayyad was attempting was (to) create the civic institutions requisite with having a country from the inside out, not the other way around. This is the largest and longest lasting stupidity of the west and it always has been, that if you just give the angry swarthies what they want then they will magically 'create' a nation and everything will be fine and that the more they demand the more fine they will be.

    Which of course is almost retarded in its naivety. So let's do this then. Let's even give them the benefit of the difference and tell them they don't even have to renounce violence or genocide. Tell them they don't have to do anything vis a vis Israel. All we require is that they build a state from the ground up. Any state, with any nominally functioning organs of state to 'be' pretty much what they want: secular, sharia, Islamist, dictatorship, fascist, communist, democratic, who cares... but it has to be a normative government running a normative state doing all or at least most of those things that states do. Then and only then will be they be allowed to so much as participate in any discussions. AND even if they refuse any further discussions, all they can do is be the stewards of their own future to make the best or worst of it on their own. Eventually that would become the outlines of their state by default. Unless they utterly failed at that.

    In any case Big White Bwana Kerry infantilizing them, again, with a patient pat on the head telling them he feels their frustration that Mohammed Santa Claus isn't giving them a state this year is so painfully stupid you have to wonder.

    1. Trudy,

      No one gives you a state. No one. Not ever. Israel wasn't 'given' to the Jews. It wasn't created in 1948 as a consolation prize. 1948 was simply the ACKNOWLEDGMENT that Israel indeed ALREADY existed...

      Quite right and this should be highlighted.

      Every once in awhile I will read an article or comment in which the writer makes some claim to the effect that the UN created Israel in 1948 with resolution 181.

      This is false, as you are well aware.

      Throughout the end of the 19th century, and the early-middle of the twentieth, the Jewish people in the Middle East did what was necessary to create the infrastructure of a state. That is, they built up the political and diplomatic networks, as well as the material infrastructure, in terms of roads and bridges and schools and so forth.

      All the UN did was acknowledge a condition that already existed and that the Jews had created over many decades of hard work.

      Fayyad was apparently trying to do something similar within Judea and Samaria, but I do not see where the local Arab leadership showed much enthusiasm for the project.

      Abbas and his people can use violence against Jews and they can destroy ancient Jewish historical artifacts on historically Jewish land and they can contrive a history for themselves, even as they deny our own, but what they cannot do is build a state for their people based on race hate toward Jews.

      And this is why Geoff and ZionTruth are correct.

      The Arab colonists in Israel are seeking to create an anti-nation.

      It's sick and perverted and won't work, but it definitely keeps the Jewish underdog busy.

  2. Does the word "Nazi" mean anything? Do the words "repeated lying and breaking of official agreements" mean anything? Do the words "continuous explicit refusal, in Arabic, to acknowledge a Jewish state" mean anything? Do the words "continuous calling, in Arabic, for the destruction of Israel" mean anything? Do the words "racist genocidal anti-Jewish propaganda as children's TV programing" mean anything? Do the words "PLO Charter" mean anything? Do the words "murder of over a thousand Jewish people in Israel" mean anything? Does the name Haj Amin al-Husseini mean anything? Do the words "co-architect of the German Nazi 'Final Solution'" mean anything? Do the words "founder of the 'Palestinian Arab national movement'" mean anything? Do the words "mentor of Yasser Arafat" mean anything? Do the words "sole Jewish state in the world" mean anything? Do the words "about two percent of the total land of the Middle East" mean anything? Do the words "more Jewish refugees from Muslim states in the Middle East than Arab refugees from Israel" mean anything? Do the words "over twenty Arab states" mean anything? Do the words "what is now Jordan was part of the British Mandate of Palestine" mean anything?

    This poisonous garbage of promoting the concept of, and creating, a Nazi 'Palestinian' Arab state (a second 'Palestinian' Arab state in addition to the 'Palestinian' Arab state Jordan) in the existentially strategically crucial heartland highlands of the homeland of the Jewish people in order to try to no longer be under intendedly genocidal siege by the Arab and Muslim world began, among, and was, therein, globally legitimized by and globally propagated by, the leaders of the government of Israel only in the early 1990's (at the behest of, and under threat by, the George (former CIA head, Saudi friend and business associate) Bush Sr. administration U.S. government).

    "Here, have some poisonous garbage. It's good for you."

    "Okay. ...This doesn't taste so good."

    "No, it tastes fine. Have some more."

    "Okay. ...I'm not feeling so good."

    "No, you're feeling fine. Have some more."


    What is wrong with Jewish people? Seriously. What is wrong with Jewish people?