Sunday, April 14, 2013

Remembrance Day: Israel's fallen number 25,578

Mike L.

The passing year has seen 92 names added to the list, including 37 Israel Defense Forces soldiers, 12 members of the security forces and 43 disabled IDF veterans. The number of fallen soldiers whose place of burial remains unknown stands at 555.

The number of those killed in terrorist attacks stands at 2,493 including 120 foreign citizens. The past year has seen 10 civilians killed in terror attacks. Terror attacks have left 2,848 people orphans, 976 bereaved parents and 799 widows and widowers.

More than a million and a half people are slated to visit the graves of their loved ones on Remembrance Day.

We mourn our dead.

We do not celebrate their martyrdom in the holy service of murdering others in the name of G-d.

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