Friday, April 26, 2013

Jew hatred at UN schools

Mike L.

Dan Calic at Y-Net writes:
For decades the conflict between Israel and the Arabs has remained unresolved. Time and again efforts have been made to find a solution and bring peace between the two sides. While Israel has a formal peace treaty in effect with two neighboring countries - Jordan and Egypt, relations in each case fall short of expectations.

The nagging issue affecting a long sought comprehensive breakthrough is the possibility of a Palestinian state. In order to facilitate this both sides have to be committed to live in peaceful coexistence with each other. While Israel has made it clear it deeply desires peace with all its neighbors, including the Palestinians, can the same be said of the Palestinians?

Information has recently come to light which suggests peace with Israel is not what they seek. In fact, their desire appears to be anything but.

A recently released video produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research examines Palestinian schools run by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency). It reveals coexistence with Israel is not being taught to Palestinian children. Instead what they are learning is actually fomenting terror.

Created in 1949 specifically to deal with the "Palestinian refugees," UNRWA spends roughly $500 million each year on schools. It utilizes text books produced by the Palestinian Authority. The UN itself does not finance UNRWA. Primary financial support comes from US and European taxpayers.

A central theme in these text books is the so-called "right of return," which if allowed would eliminate the Jewish majority in Israel.

While other agencies work in Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, the video indicates UNRWA is the only agency which actively supports the right of return, and teaches it in the classroom.

Footage shows young Palestinian school children beginning their day by shouting out, "Glory and eternal life to the martyrs and the righteous, Jerusalem is ours, we will liberate it."
So the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is funded by American tax dollars and teaches little Arab kids in Israel that they should aspire to the destruction of the Jewish state.

I seeeeeeee.

Yes, not a day goes by wherein the pure stupidity doesn't leap from the page like a drag queen on ecstasy.

How are Jewish people supposed to feel about this, I wonder to myself aloud?

I really do not have too much to remark about this other than to put it on a platter and say, "This is your tax dollars at work.  You must be very proud."



  1. Adele Biton turned three this week.

    Family members handed out candy to children at the hospital in celebration of life.

    I would argue that it would help us all move toward peace if the racist western 'left' would begin to call out Palestinian child abuse like this, for starters.

    1. The progressive-left, including much of the "Zionist" left - if one is still allowed to be "left" and "Zionist" at the same time - is incapable of criticizing "people of color" so it won't happen.

      For ideological reasons they can spit hatred at Jews, but never at Muslims.

      The great majority population of the Middle East, therefore, are exempt from judgment while the tiny minorities, both Christian and Jewish are supposed to simply take whatever beating that they get.

      It's entirely unjust and it's entirely illiberal, but whoever said that the progressive-left is either just or liberal?

    2. I'd turn Daniel Greenfield's phrase around a bit and call it "Islamist Privilege." Sounds about right to me.

      Quivering in constant fear of being smeared as 'racist' if they somehow dare express more concern for the victims of The World's Eternal Victims than they do for The World's Eternal Victims themselves, most 'progressives' these days would beat their own mothers with a baseball bat before they ever risked 'sounding like' a Greenfield or a Geller. Even when the facts are completely on their side.

  2. Israel isn't going away. All that these little monsters are learning is how to fail and who to blame for it. Let them scream. It's not as if they need to go to school to learn hate. They are born into families that eat drink and breathe it. Meanwhile their peers in Asia and Africa and South America are learning to be engineers and doctors, poets, scholars, mechanics, teachers, agronomists, etc. What do they learn? Never cross the red wire with the green. You could almost teach a chimp to do what a terrorist does. And soon someone will and put an society out of work forever. And then what? They go to war against the chimps too?