Friday, April 26, 2013

See Ya Guys

Mike L.


You have to find time to go out and "smell the roses" - as they say.

Not everything is a life-and-death struggle, for Chrissake.

Enjoy your lives, because what else is there?


  1. "because what else is there?

    There is 1864 Rules Vintage Base Ball!


    I'll be attending the May 11th and May 19th games.

    We certainly all need a break every now and then. I'm meeting an old friend (my very first friend from childhood, in fact) for a few beers on Sunday up in New Jersey. Then the rest of day with the daughter and nieces.

    Tomorrow is my first Saturday off in a while, and since outside beer-drinking weather is finally (a month later than usual, but I'll take it whenever it comes!) here to stay, I'll be spending at least a couple hours out on the rear deck over at Manayunk Brewing, overlooking the Schuylkill and enjoying a Hidden River wit or three...

    Caught the end of tonight's Phillies game at my favorite dive bar under the El about an hour ago. I still think we're going 64-98, but as long as we win the season series against the Mets I'll be happy. ;)

    Fantastic outing by Kendrick tonight. Compete game, 3-hit shutout. We really do need to figure out how to score more, though. All 4 runs came in just one inning, and three came from a Ryan Howard homer.

    Ryan Howard is, of course, about 700 years old. Our farm system is barren, and the immediate future does not look very bright. The five-year grace period since the 2008 World Series win is up after this year, and we can start reasonably complaining in earnest again about how much our team sucks next year...

    Ah, but I guess I'm getting off track here!


    Smell them roses, then get right on back!

    1. "Ryan Howard is, of course, about 700 years old."

      Ah, shit. And I just looked it up, and realized I'm six weeks older than him. So what does that make me?


      Somewhere between smelling roses and pushing up daisies, I guess... ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Shirl, I'm just considering taking a break.

      I probably won't even do it, tho.