Saturday, April 20, 2013

Op-Ed: Islamicized Sweden Has Declared War on the Jews

By Giulio Meotti 
Violence dominates the streets and a Jew in Sweden today feels like a Jew in Berlin in the '20s.

In 2003, Azzam Tamimi, a Hamas member from Hevron, delivered a sermon at the Great Mosque in Stockholm, expressing support for suicide attacks against Israeli civilians. Outside the mosque, militants distributed leaflets containing calls to "liquidate the Jews in Palestine in the name of Allah".

Why did the Swedish authorities allow this Arab anti-Semite to deliver a homicidal sermon in their capital's main mosque if not to help foment a new war against the Jewish people?

Ten years later, and Sweden, long famed as a shelter for U.S. draft resisters, Arab immigrants, political refugees and other exiles, has become one of the most anti-Semitic countries in the world.

A recent poll found that 68 percent of Swedes have a negative opinion of Israel. No other nation in the West has a higher anti-Semitic public opinion. Everyone is welcome today in Sweden, except the Jews.

France and the UK registered many more anti-Semitic incidents than Sweden last year, but Sweden, like the Netherlands, is a kind of laboratory of Europe's general trend.

The Jews of Malmö, a community of about 1,500 in a city of 300,000 led by an anti-Semite like Reepalu, is a microcosm of what is happening elsewhere in the West.

In Sweden, which has one of the largest Muslim communities in Europe, the Jewish communities spend 25 per cent of their funds on security measures. It is a ghettoized and dying community.

Violence dominates the streets and a Jew in Sweden today feels like a Jew in Berlin in the '20s.

A Swedish mayor working to stop anti-Israel propaganda from being sold at a municipal cultural center was just phisically assaulted. Mats Green, mayor of Jonkoping, was wounded outside his home by two men who struck him and kicked him. His "guilt"? Trying to stop the sale of T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Burn, Israel, burn” at the Book Cafe, a shop operating inside a city-owned cultural center.

Not only is Swedish culture deeply anti-Zionist (Swedish bestselling author Henning Mankell was part of the pro-Hamas Flottilla), but also Sweden's political mainstream is imbued with anti-Semitism.

Omar Mustafa, a member of the Social Democratic Party’s governing board, called Sweden to send fighter planes to bomb Israel. In the same week another politician, Alexander Kieding of the Swedish Democrats party, an alderman in the Stockholm suburb of Jarna, declared that the Holocaust may have never happened and that “Israel inflated the number” of victims.

The European Jewish Congress has warned that the Jewish community living in the Swedish City of Malmo is in grave danger. Police presence is essential to enable Malmo’s Jews to celebrate any ritual in public and in safety. Last year, when the world remembered the infamous Nazi pogrom of Kristallnacht, in Malmö and Helsingborg, the manifestations took place without Jews, since the event had become a playground for gays, Muslims and leftists.

The Swedish government funds anti-Semitic publications without any shame - like the anti-Israel booklet "Colonialism and Apartheid – the Israeli occupation in Palestine", funded by the authorities in the sum of $104,600, under the guise of "humanitarian aid". The brochure accuses Israel of racism, ethnic cleansing and segregation, and calls for a boycott of the Jewish State.

The national religious authorities promote anti-Israel hate. The Kyrkomötet - the Church Assembly of the Church of Sweden - has just called for a boycott of Israeli products manufactured in Judea and Samaria. Archbishop Karl G. Hammar, heading the Swedish Lutheran Church, was among the first Western Protestant leaders to call for a boycott.

The press too is totally lost to anti-Semitism. Swedish liberal publications are unilaterally imbued with anti-Jewish sentiment, but the conservative Svenska Dagbladet too published articles that invoked the image of Jews as child murderers. We can count an infinite number of anti-Semitic publications in the Swedish press which can challenge the hate of Nazi papers like Der Sturmer or the Soviet Pravda.

Economically, Sweden has passed many boycott initiatives against the Jewish State. A large Swedish pension fund divested from Elbit over the latter’s role in building Israel’s security fence. Meanwhile, the Ethical Council of four Swedish buffer pension funds urged Motorola “to pull out of the Israeli-occupied territories in the West Bank” or face divestment.

Unfortunately, many Swedish Jewish leaders have capitulated to the ghetto mentality as well.

When popular daily Aftonbladet falsely charged the IDF of harvesting Palestinians Arabs' organs and Israel asked the Swedish government to issue a condemnation, Lena Posner, head of the Jewish community in Stockholm and president of the Official Council of Jewish Communities in Sweden, declared: "Israel caused all this mess."

There is something rank and sour in Sweden. You see it from the artistic exhibitions, just as you could during the Nazi era.

The Martin Bryder Gallery in Lund displayed a vile "ash-painting" which used Jewish human remains stolen from the Majdanek Nazi death camp. Jewish cremated ashes for a postmodern artistic exhibition in the Islamicizied Sweden.

Previously, a Swedish Christian Art exhibition depicted Israelis as gun-toting rats devouring the “Holey(sic) Land”.

The Nazis used such dehumanization techniques to lay the groundwork for the physical extermination of those labelled “pests”, the Jews. The same is happening in Sweden.

During the Second intifada, a Swedish museum displayed an artist's work eulogizing the Palestinian suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat, who killed 20 Israelis at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa, with a small ship carrying a picture of Jaradat, sailing in a rectangular pool filled with red-colored water, and accompanied by a piece of Bach's music.

An Arab waiter at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa brought Jaradat a menu and took her order. The Swedish terrorist 'heroine' ate calmly, watching the Israeli families unaware that they were eating their last meal and taking their last breaths. Then she blew herself up. All that remained of nineteen people—including five children, along with fathers and mothers and grandparents—was a pile of indistinguishable body parts.

If he were looking at his country today, a country which has declared war on the Jewish people, Swedish legend Raoul Wallenberg would say: "If I had a grave, I'd be turning over in it".
{Oh, joy.}


  1. Who is amazed by this? At best, Sweden's neutrality in WW2 was a political fiction allowing them and Allied nations to continue to do business with the 3rd Reich. At their heart they've always been the Nordics' Nordics, the Aryans' Aryans. Muslim extremism is merely the latest excuse they concoct to defend it. Even if, some would say especially if, Swedish society is slowly coming apart in an aria of Muslim crime and violence it would be worth it to the Swedish thought leaders in government, media and society if it allowed them to once again freely legitimize their Jew hate. Because like the Arab states where all their immigrants come from, when there are zero Jews IN Sweden, the level of their genocidal psychosis will be even higher.

  2. I know you didn't write this, Mike, but I wonder what Mr. Meotti meant when he wrote this -

    "Last year, when the world remembered the infamous Nazi pogrom of Kristallnacht, in Malmö and Helsingborg, the manifestations took place without Jews, since the event had become a playground for gays, Muslims and leftists."

    Kind of an odd throwaway remark, no?

    1. That's an excellent question, Jay.

      I read Meotti for his opinion of the Arab-Israel conflict and the relationship between Israel and the west.

      As far as I know he is pro-Gay, but I could not swear to that. I assume that he is because he favors universal human rights.

      What he is saying is that the left, including the pro-Gay left, is abandoning the Jews, which it is.

      I am hugely in favor of Gay rights, but we shouldn't turn a blind eye to the fact that the left, in general, and this includes the Gay left, is not pro-Israel and, thus, not pro-Jewish.

      That, at least, is how I interpret it.

      I certainly do not take it to mean that we should abandon our commitment to Gay rights, nor do I think that Meotti is suggesting so.

    2. Doodad's link helped, I think, if even though the video's caption situation was truly horrible (white on white - my eyes, argh!).

      I'm willing to accept it was just an unfortunately bad sentence as gone to print in English (he's Italian, right?), and that he may have not meant it the way it read.

      I'm not quite willing to accept, however, that the Gay Left is anti-Israel as a whole.

      (And not that that should matter, anyway - that's the difference between we and our enemies)

      In my extremely large (and obviously, American) family, it may not come as much of a surprise that the two most liberal (aside from me, heh) amongst us are my gay cousin and my gay uncle. One is actually very pro-Israel; while the other doesn't pay much attention to politics anywhere, whatsoever, even in Brooklyn where he lives, but he's certainly not wearing keffiyeh or anything, either.

      I was just seeking clarification, is all. Wasn't accusing Mr. Meotti of anything, for the record.

    3. The Gay Left in general is not. It's the far left radical part that is...just like the same section of almost any part of the left. And I suspect that part is a lot bigger in Europe than in America (most people even claim that America does not have a REAL left when you consider the European Left.)

      Dersh has a good article about it:

    4. Jay and Doodad,

      "I'm not quite willing to accept, however, that the Gay Left is anti-Israel as a whole."

      I agree entirely.

      In fact, I feel reasonably certain that most progressive-left Gay activists aren't particularly concerned with Israel at all.

      Just as I do not usually write on GLBT issues, so they do not usually write on the Arab-Israel conflict.

      Nonetheless, it is true that when the Gay left does speak up on Israel they usually do so in a negative manner. Part of the reason for this is because they generally refuse to acknowledge the problem of political Islam and the reason for that is because the left, in general, doesn't do so and because they associate those of us who oppose that vile movement with the Bush administration and the conservative-right.

      The issue of Gay / Jewish tensions is only now beginning to emerge and I think that we can ease those tensions and maintain that alliance by emphasizing the fact that political Islam is a mutual enemy.

      The Gay community in the west very well understands that Jewish people are their best supporters.

      I don't see that changing any time soon, but we can help open their eyes to our mutual concerns.

    5. This guy kinda disagrees with that:

      ".....The critics of Israel in the LGBTQ community are a small fringe movement that is hardly the mainstream thought within our community. Ideally, they’d like their views to become the mainstream view of the LGBTQ community, but there is no evidence to show they have succeeded....."


    6. Mr. Littman's words generally square with my (perhaps admittedly superficial) experiences with their community, as well, Doodad.

      I can't say I've ever noticed any massive anti-Israel backlash amongst American gay folks, either, and I've spent the vast majority of the past decade living in Portland, Oregon and Philadelphia, which both host two of the largest gay communities in North America.

      Of course, I could be wrong, as all I'm basing my observations upon is a few talks with one of my uncles, and a bunch of afternoons spent hanging out in various 'Gayborhoods' in Portland and Philadelphia over the past eight years or so.

      That all being said, I don't see anything even close to resembling an organized antisemitic anti-Zionist movement in the Gay community, or at least not in the places in North America with which I'm familiar...

    7. Said uncle is my mother's brother, btw. So, is Irish. Take that, TUI!

      Teigh trasna ort fein!

    8. Jay,

      "I don't see anything even close to resembling an organized antisemitic anti-Zionist movement in the Gay community..."

      Nor do I.

      Doodad, quoting Jayson Littman:

      "The critics of Israel in the LGBTQ community are a small fringe movement that is hardly the mainstream thought within our community."

      I understand. I agree. And I am hugely in favor of Gay rights.

      But what I said was this:

      "Nonetheless, it is true that when the Gay left does speak up on Israel they usually do so in a negative manner."

      This is either true or it is false.

      I believe it is true, but I also believe that Jewish liberals such as ourselves can maintain an alliance with the western Gay community.

      I would encourage them to understand that their own movement - the progressive-left - has shown virtually no interest on the question of universal human rights when it comes to the millions of women, and Gay people, and Jews in the Middle East.

      In the 1990s there was a brief moment wherein feminists made some noise about the Taliban, but it's been nothing but silence ever since.

    9. I agree fully with this -

      "I would encourage them to understand that their own movement - the progressive-left - has shown virtually no interest on the question of universal human rights when it comes to the millions of women, and Gay people, and Jews in the Middle East."

      But what I don't quite see is this -

      ""Nonetheless, it is true that when the Gay left does speak up on Israel they usually do so in a negative manner.""

      That all depends upon how you define the Gay Left, I guess. I suppose where we differ is that I'll take Jayson Littman's view, as in when a few radicals take a stupid stand, I'll view them the same way I do Neturei Karta.

      Sure, they may have a few dozen people in one place at any given time, but I don't think that should reflect on them as a whole, just as NK shouldn't reflect on Jews as a whole.

      I suppose what I'm ultimately saying is, since as far as I'm aware none of us here are part of the gay community, I'm inclined to take Jayson Littman's word for it that the anti-Israel fanatics amongst them are indeed a tiny minority.

      Or at least I hope this is true...

    10. I get what Mike is saying. WHEN they speak up about Israel it is usually negative. That large majority who aren't necessarily anti_Israel just don't voice their opinion that much leaving the other side to espouse their negativity. I think we are all on the same page really.

  3. Jay, this may help explain it.

    Perhaps he should have added the word "activists," after the word leftist. Then it would have made more sense.

  4. So since tonight is essentially my Saturday night, I decided (against my better judgment, perhaps) to click on a foul hate site. Just to see what the bigots are up to. I sometimes find this useful. I won't link to it, but something from this very day immediately struck me.

    Odious antisemite Phil Weiss is pissing his pants about something a Jewish mayor of a small town in the Northern District of Israel apparently allegedly said, without of course acknowledging the fact that his terrorist heroes not only support and call for 'segregation,' but also genocide.

    So I thought, for a second, about maybe registering and perhaps making a comment to this effect?

    Then I came across this -

    "Commenting at [---] is a privilege not a right (see our About Comments for more details of our policy).
    We are seeking articulate informed commentary which enhances the value of the site for visitors. Name calling is not welcome.
    The owners of the site reserve the right to delete any inappropriate material as they see fit.
    Your comments become the property of [---] to be reproduced in perpetuity.
    If you disagree with our comments policy please do not accept our license and please do not comment at [---].
    Once you accept our license we will have to verify your user name. We try to handle these requests as quickly as possible, but sometimes it take a few hours. Please bear with us, we will verify your account as soon as we can.

    Ah, they'll verify our usernames!

    Because G-d forbid any known non-antisemites should ever somehow manage to slip a comment through there, eh? I suppose a moderator at that place must check every new username against some sort of worldwide neo-Nazi registry, before approving same, eh?

    And thus it shall be, forevermore...

  5. Crucial article:

    Islamism is winning the cognitive war – thanks to manipulative and gullible journalists, by Richard Landes

    Hat tip to Pat Condell:

    The truth is incorrect

    "‘Progressive’ doesn't mean what you think it means."

    (The article by Richard Landes is listed in the text info section of this recent video by Pat Condell.)

  6. One would think after 150 years of formal institutionalized westernized antisemitic hate published in mainstream newspapers and enacted in the laws of countries the west ostensibly holds up as 'good' states, we Jews would learn one basic reality. And that reality is that crazy sells. The crazier it sounds, the more it sells. You could post an article on Huffington Post TODAY saying that Jews have a secret third eye, drink cattle blood straight from the cow at night, that the Talmud is a cannibal cookbook and one third of the 'moderated' comments would be in furious agreement that they've 'always known that was true.'

    Today for example UN professional clinical paranoid Richard Falk stated that the Boston bombing was a good thing because America - the slave of the Jews in Tel Aviv deserves it.

    We like to pat ourselves on the back and tell ourselves the lunatic fringe is some abstract thing out there populated by Alex Jones, David Duke and Glenn Greenwald. But it's ensconced in the formal bylaws of international institutions we claim to want to uphold and emulate. We see UNICEF ads on TV and we think "Well those are some good chaps" and we never admit that you could not find a bigger basket of full on dangerously insane neo Nazis if your tried. Because we simply, even after everything's that happened and still does, believe that somehow crazy people will be called out and disgraced.

    How's that going so far?

    How's the effete elites of the UN, of Europe? Today the Commentator notes in passing that Europe won't allow some Israeli vegetables w/o the libelous labeling of where in Israel they originate and, likely kosher meat soon, since there's a near constant battle with that, but tainted horsemeat and donkey, that's AOK.

    It's not simply the exhausted ashes of The Enlightenment, it's not a tired tribe giving up and letting 'free speech' mean hate speech because they're too burned out to care anymore. That's not it. It's crazy because it's crazy. It reaches all the way down to the neolithic brain and grabs hold of voodoo and fear and turns it into a UN proclamation, or blog post. They burned witches until the early 1700's in Europe, didn't they? Imagine that, Ben Franklin as a child co existing with witch burning (the last witch in England burned alive was in 1727, but the last witch executed in Switzerland was in 1782, you get the picture).

    We don't learn that the veneer of civilization is a millimeter thick and it wraps an angry primitive who's afraid of fire and wild beasts.

    Jews are not a mob. We are the creature the mob wants to kill. Always have been. But for whatever reason we refuse to see the mob for what it is, a crazy mob. An angry ignorant violent stupid clot with clubs and torches set out to riot and loot someone, and God help you if you get in their way.

    So what's going on Sweden? Oh not much. Just the normal stuff people do when the targets of their genocide fail to understand. And it's really quite simple; rip a page from what safari guides tell rich white folk they're hired out to. And that's "If it runs, it's food, whatever you do, DON'T run."