Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Mike L.

 Until we know with some certitude who did this, I am not going to say a word.


  1. Always the best way to go.

    And though I'm sure that great city doesn't need me to tell them so, I'll say it anyway - stay up, Boston!

    1. It'll probably turn out to be Rosicrucians!


  2. Replies
    1. I see "arrest made," and "arrest imminent - briefing at 4 PM."

      Seems likelier to me that they already have someone, and they won't be announcing anything until 4 (why announce 'arrest imminent' if you don't have they guy yet?), but of course none of us here know for sure...


      Edit - just as I was double-checking the links before posting this comment, it seems updated their story to say someone is in custody, too...

    2. And now CNN takes their claim back, though the Globe still says someone is 'in custody.' Looks like neither of them know for sure, either...

  3. In today's Salon, resident lunatic, Patty Hearst wannabe and occasional 'Hardball' backslapper David Sirota says point blank; he hopes the terrorist is a white American because Muslims are the real victims here and if we're going to take sweeping action against anyone it should be the angry white Americans. And, one would suppose, a non Obama voter, gun owner, etc. I have to wonder what self admitted terrorist Bill "Guilty as sin and free as a bird" Ayers has to say? Of course Sirota's hope could be a prognostication and it could be one of that group. The problem for Sirota and company is that they want and expect to see American concentration camps as their just desserts and so when that obviously doesn't happen it will make them even angrier and more paranoid.

    1. I don't even understand his point. Is he claiming that the government doesn't do anything when someone like Timothy McVeigh commits an act of terrorism? Besides the fact that the US government only, oh, put him to death; has Sirota also ever been anywhere near a courthouse or federal building lately? Is he claiming that US airport security isn't ridiculous security theater which wastes its time randomly pulling aside senior citizens and children of every shade just to ensure they aren't seen as profiling anyone in particular?

      When the FBI was building its new field office building in Downtown Newark, NJ a little over a decade ago, and I was working environmental remediation on the property, I couldn't go anywhere without an escort. And this was when the site itself was just a plot of dirt on the banks of the Passaic River, and the only people onsite were a few engineers, field techs and drill truck grunts, most of us Generic American White Dudes, and security guards and the occasional Newark police officer or three outnumbered us at least two to one in case we were thinking of, I don't know, maybe taking a picture of Kearny or Harrison across the water, to somehow aid in a future terror attack or something.

      Okay, we get it David. You're a Privileged Wealthy White Male drowning in Privileged Wealthy White Male Guilt. Can't he wait a day or two before spewing this crap?

      I guess not. He and his buddies are making sure to cover all their bases early, clearly...

    2. Ah, I think I get it now.

      Poor fella flies and lodges first-class around the world on his (American) employer's dime, dines five star everywhere he goes and has done all of his darnedest to make it quite clear that he's just as angry as anyone else at the country which has afforded him all of these privileges... and yet no government officials have ever stopped him to question his patriotism or something yet, so he feels sooooo left out of the party all the cool kids at the BBC and Al Jazeera and Daily Kos are talking about!

      (Am I getting close to Sirota's mindset, yet?)