Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh, I just couldn't let this go by!

Mike L.

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MEMRI gives us this:
Iranian Official: The Jews Use Sorcery Against Iran

An Iranian regime official and a website close to the regime have recently accused the Jews of engaging in sorcery and of employing it against Iran.

Mehdi Taeb, who is close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and heads Khamenei's Ammar Base think tank, said in April 2013 that the Jews are the most powerful sorcerers in the world today, and that they have used their powers to attack Iran – for instance by turning the U.S. into their tool and getting it to impose sanctions on Iran, and also through attempts, albeit failed, to interfere in the 2009 elections. He added that while Iran has so far withstood their assaults, they have not yet used the full scope of their powers against it.  
In March 2013, the Rasanews.ir website, which is associated with the religious seminaries in Qom, posted an article about the status of sorcery and numerology in Jewish mysticism. According to this article, Jews cherish the knowledge of sorcery, pass it down from generation to generation, and believe that it can be used to control mankind, nature and even God's decisions.

The following are excerpts from Taeb's statements and from the article on Rasanews.ir. 
Mehdi Taeb, Official Close to Khamenei: 'So Far, [The Jews] Have Not Used The Full [Scope Of] Their Sorcery Against Us'
This deserves a very big Tip 'O the Kippa to the Elder of Ziyon.



Sorcery, you say?

I have to tell you guys that writing this blog is not always fun, but then there are moments like this!

Every time that I think that the pure stupidity of anti-Jewish bias must have some limits I see a story like this one.

It's pure, unadulterated nonsense and hate and that's all it is.  Thirteen million Jews, four hundred million Arabs, one point five billion Muslims, and lots and lots of unadulterated nonsense and hatred.

We have to recognize and acknowledge that what the Jews in the Middle East are up against is not some principled resistance against alleged oppression, but oppression, itself.  Israel is a democratic Jewish country that is armed to the teeth primarily because so many of it's neighbors are vicious and irrational bigots who would slaughter those Jews - given half a chance - in a New York minute.

Decade upon decade upon decade Israel seeks reconciliation while maintaining self-defense and decade upon decade upon decade Israel gets spat at and maligned in the most vicious and cruel terms possible.  What makes it so much worse, though, is the fact that our false friends in the west at best think that they can negotiate with these morons and at worst blame us for the hatred toward us.

You want the truth?  You can't handle the truth.  Certainly Barack Obama would not recognize the truth on this matter if it walked up wearing a red dress and kicked him straight in the teeth.

The truth is that the Arab-Muslim world has maligned the Jews for centuries and continues to do so while seeking to murder us there.  The truth is also that the allegedly "enlightened west" tends to think that these murderous racists have a point and often supports them, as does Barack Obama who thinks that we have not searched our souls enough to determine if we want peace for ourselves and our children.

That's the truth.  That's the main truth that applies.

If you honestly think that this is about land, that tiny bit of land, then you are not looking at the conflict in a rational manner.  It's not about the "West Bank."  It's not about Jewish "settlers" in Judea.  It's about widespread and virulent and violent and theocratically-based genocidal Arab-Muslim racism against Jews and it's about a political movement (political Islam) throughout the Middle East that promotes that hatred and that has the support of the president of the United States.

I did not like president Bush the Second because, as a liberal Democrat, I opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Particularly Iraq.  But this does not change the fact that the current American administration, and its weak and stupid Jewish supporters, tend to think that the conflict is your fault.

It isn't.


  1. Yet they can't find a spell to change all Jihadis into sweet lil teddybears or something?

    1. They don't recognize "Jihadis," Doodad.

      What they recognize is the righteous resistance against the Jewish racist imperialists.

      That is to say, the western left honestly believes that we deserve whatever ass-kicking that the Arab world is ready to dish out.

      The left is dead.

      Dead. Dead. Dead.

      It stands for nothing.

  2. Surely a mistranslation, Mike. Juan Cole will be right on it...

  3. And besides, I was told numerous times at Daily Kos that Iran is the most peaceful nation to have ever existed anywhere at any time in history. And will always thus be so.

    Well, except for when they're storming embassies, assassinating diplomats, bombing synagogues, issuing fatwas against novelists and using their terror proxy Hezbollah to wreak havoc around the globe.

    But, you know, none of that matters when you're a Sooper Dooper Progressive Genius...

    1. Sooper Dooper Progressive Genius

      I love playing with words. How about:

      Super Magnificent Genius Jews Who Have No Idea What is Going On?

      It has a ring, I suppose.

      Or how about:

      Miserable scum Who think they Have the Right to Tell other Jews Where we may be Allowed to even Live?

      Is that too strong do you suppose?

      Jay, all I am trying to do is break free from the old and worthless categories.

      That's it. That's all.

      We have absolutely got to start thinking about this problem in new ways because the ways that we do so now are deadly and lead to anti-Jewish defamation and violence.

      I am tired of reading stories about little Jewish girls being murdered in Paris or in Samaria.

      We have to stand up and sometimes that will mean standing up to Jewish people, as well.

    2. Well, to be fair, I don't think any pro-Israel progressives make excuses for Iran.

      I was referring to idiots like Mr. Blip and his ilk who say things like that. Whether through naivete or plain old ill will it doesn't really ultimately matter. Yes, that part of the left has definitely already been wheeled into the hospice...

  4. Dammit!

    I've been working on a golem in the basement all year. Almost finished. I was about to take it for a test drive on a small BDS demonstration when this happens. How on earth did they find out?

    1. A golem?

      You crack me up!


      I used to like to kid people about how Little Schnorbert and his sidekick, Sharon Zombie, wander the world battling anti-Zionists!

      Geoff, the only way to handle this miserable situation is with some degree of humor. If you don't have that then you're absolutely doomed.

      Thanks for the smile, my friend.

    2. The pleasure is mine, Mike.

  5. Nuclear armed superstitious cave dwelling witch hunters. What could possibly go wrong?

    1. The best hope for the world is that they will continue spending most of their energy on hunting one another.

    2. Broke countries can do some crazy things.