Thursday, April 25, 2013

While Your Kids Are Learning to Read

Mike L.

A Tip 'O the Kippa to Y-Net:
An al-Qaeda-affiliated terror group posted a video online showing about 20 children practicing firing pistols and guns in the group's training camp.  
Some of the children are so small the shock wave nearly knocks them over.


By the way, in case you did not notice, some of those those kids were crying "Alahu Akbkar" as they shot off their rifles.



  1. Are there any such camps in the United States? Just curious, since I mean, EVERYBODY KNOWS that we're the most evil nation to have ever existed anytime throughout history, and all that.

    Yeah? No?

    I'm pretty sure there are no Kiddie Terror camps in Scranton, PA or Rawlins, WY, etc etc..

    Perhaps David Harris-Gershon should undertake an investigation...

  2. Everyone knows you don't hand a small child an AKM bored for 7.62mm. First off the weapon weighs about 9 lbs. The kick will knock a kid over. Now if they're using a more modern AK-74 bored for 5.45mm that's more servicable. Still weighs more than 8 lbs but at least they won't be laying on their back. In Africa we'd see children as young as 12 lugging an AKM (African 12 is smaller than US 12). But younger than that is crazy even for them.

    I think someone should contact Huffington Post to tell them about this. They could start a charity to send those waifs some ear protection for their delicate hearing.