Sunday, April 28, 2013

Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria stage Cairo sit-in

Mike L.

Written by Nadeen Shaker and published by ahromonline.
Gathering under a banner reading “don’t kill us twice,” Palestinian refugees began their open ended sit-in before the Palestinian embassy in Egypt on Tuesday morning, demanding to be recognised as refugees by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Children held signs spelling out the slogan while protestors broke out in various chants, including "down with the Ambassador." In the afternoon, protestors said they were threatened by police, who told them that “thugs” in the neighbourhood might attack them. Embassy bodyguards also secured the perimeters.

Frustrated over being denied refugee status by UNCHR, protestors, who previously lived in refugee camps in Syria, say that they should be given the same rights as Syrian refugees in Egypt.

“They [protestors] cannot register themselves as refugees. They can't put their children in schools. They’re not given healthcare nor do they have any kind of humanitarian services,” Hanine Hassan, organiser and Palestinian human rights activist said at the sit-in.
People often complain - and, yes, they are generally on the progressive-left - that Israel doesn't treat the local Arabs very well.  The truth of the matter, of course, is that no one treats the Arab colonists from Israel worse than the surrounding Arab states.  Those people are not living in refugee camps in Israel, but they are living in poverty and within camps all over the Arab world.  In Lebanon and Syria and Jordan and Egypt the Arabs from Judea and Samaria are treated like dirt.  Israel treats its Arab citizens far better than Arabs are treated anywhere else in the Arab world.  This is to say that Arabs in Israel have far more civil and political liberties than do their relatives anywhere under Arab rule.

Yet western morons scream to the heavens about how mean the
Jews ZionistsIsraelis are.

Syria is a bloody mess.  Egypt is an economic mess.  Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most racist and sexist country on the planet.  Iran is on the verge of getting nuclear weaponry and, yet, people still complain that the major problem in the region is that Jews are living in Judea.

The Obama administration is, if it is not malicious, something akin to worthless.  That whole part of the world is on fire with the notable exception of Israel, yet we still have Obama administration officials rotating through Jerusalem on a constant basis and complaining about Jewish settlements.

I think that it is pure anti-Jewish bigotry.

The real question to ask is why does the Obama administration justify anti-Jewish bigotry by going along with the kind of nonsense that we get from Abbas and the PA which says that any future terrorist, criminal entity that they control must be Judenrein?

What a disgrace.


  1. I can't worry or care what the Arabs and Muslims do to one another. I read today that the Egyptians are going to 'facilitate' a reconciliation conference between Hamas and the PLO. I suggest a reasonably small neutron bomb would clean up their dispute and render the immediate area no worse off than Detroit.

  2. This is an interesting concept. They are protesting their right to be registered as refugees with UNHCR. But they are already registered as refugees with UNRWA. So really they are demanding to be treated as refugees from being refugees but without losing their original underlying status as refugees which after all defines their national identity.

    I can't see how this is killing them but it sure is killing me.

    "Down with the Ambassador" indeed.

  3. Squatting in the dust with their begging bowl is all they ever know, ever will. Of course it beggars the question why would they even want to be registered under UNHCR which receives a tiny fraction of the per capita aid as UNRWA. See this is why the problem could be solved by packing them all on planes and bringing them to western Europe to be put on the dole for eternity along with all their offspring. But as we know, since Canada was rebuffed after offering them 120,000 citizenships free and clear, they don't want any solutions. They want what every other culture of malcontents and ingrates wants - to be malcontents and ingrates. They don't even rise to the level of trailer trash. Trailer trash you can buy off.