Friday, April 5, 2013


  1. Who steals a dryer sheet, man?

    One lone, individual dryer sheet is possibly the most totally random and inexplicable thing I can imagine having stolen. Aside from maybe a toothbrush or something.

    Turned around for about five seconds in the laundromat last night to get quarters, and my stack of three dryer sheets were reduced to two by the time I turned back around.

    People these days...

    1. Oh, ha. Dry fabric softener. What are they called around your way?

    2. I don't believe we have dry fabric softener. Never seen it on the market. I use Orco Soft wild jasmine or crazy lavender or something but it comes in a plastic bottle and you pour it.

      Maybe there's a business opportunity here?

  2. The JEWS did it, no doubt. Time for an dryer sheet intifada!!!!!

    1. Heh. I was only just gonna blame the internet, instead.

      The internet, and the New York Yankees are responsible for all that is wrong with the world. ;)

    2. Ya know what?

      I miss the Curse of the Bambino!

      The world was ordered and sane when the Red Sox would come close and blow it and then a few years later come close and blow it again.

      And now look what happens! The Red Sox win the World Series and the entire world goes to hell in a hand-basket.

      It's just not right, I say.

      btw, we're going to see the Giants and the Cardinals at AT&T Park tomorrow. Matt Cain on the mound.

    3. Enjoy the game!

      And I was right, wasn't I? It is the Yankees' fault. 2004 ALCS, up 3-0. They blew that on purpose, didn't they?!


      It's about time baseball and good weather are back. Pretty much went from the lower 40s with brutal face-freezing Philly winter winds, right up into the 70s around here. Gonna be close to 80 (yuck) on Monday and Tuesday, before dropping back into the 60s by next weekend. I hope we get at least a few weeks of Spring this year, before our walking-through-hot-soup Summer begins...

      I'm definitely hitting a Phillies game in August, and an early season Eagles game is a possibility at the moment. Things are finally looking up money-wise again, so a bunch of Sixers and Temple basketball games are in my future for next season, too.

  3. Truthfully, Jay, it probably went down that black laundry hole where many of 1/2 of my socks tend to go. An alternate universe of one footed people hopping around in my used but clean socks. Now of course those socks are also static free and smell great thanks to your contribution.

    1. Glad I can be of assistance! All I ask for is just the occasional due credit... ;)

  4. Thoughts after 6 games of baseball - the Eagles will draft in 18 days. Then it's only a few months until football and basketball again.

    Lest you think I'm overreacting, I will say this. The Phillies have one pitcher (Cliff Lee) who is worth anything; and on offense, after 97-year olds Chase Utley, Michael Young and Jimmy Rollins, they have absolutely nobody else who can consistently swing a stick better than my 6-year old niece.

    The Phillies will lose 98 games this year, and finish dead last, but at least the saving grace is that I won't waste any time watching more than a dozen of those games.

    Blow the team up, and let's try to compete again maybe in 2015, once we can get our average age under like 46. That is all.

    1. I hear there's a teevee show called the Walking Dead. The Phillies should sue them for copyright infringement...

      Hey now!

    2. Oh, and at least the Flyers have maybe a 10% chance to sneak into the playoffs this year. So maybe they can surprise us...

      Oh, and we have a (bad) soccer team that plays down in Chester (have I mentioned that our soccer team plays in Chester, btw? In Chester, PA. The only city in the region that makes Camden, NJ look promising). Believe it or not, if they win 12 games next year (out of 34), they'd set a franchise record.

      Welcome to Philadelphia sports, ladies and gentlemen! The past half decade was an aberration. Now that I'm back home, we can collectively suck against all odds again... ;)

    3. Even our manager is the second oldest in baseball. Charlie Manuel is younger than Davey Johnson, but not by much. Manuel is 11 months older than Jim Leyland, whose age I'm pretty sure has most recently been determined by carbon dating.

      It's time to bring Mickey Morandini on up from Lakewood!

      There, I said it...

  5. Cain gave up 9 RUNS IN ONE INNING!

    Can you imagine?! This has not happened to a Giant since 1902! It's been 111 years since any Giant team has allowed 9 runs in 1 inning.

    And - get this - on the very day that the Giants had their World Series ring ceremony!

    Shocking, really.

    Although, I have to say, they gave out tens of thousands of replicas to the fans and the replicas actually have some quality to them. That, too, is shocking. It's made of metal (rather than the hard plastic that I was expecting), has some weight to it, and looks just perfect.

    Mine now sits in its little ring holder on my desk.

    But, still, 9 runs in one inning?! The Giants got pummeled 14 to 3, making them 3 for 3 on the season, thus far.

    I honestly feel bad for Cain. I am concerned that sometime this evening he may attempt to eat his ring out of pure horror and remorse.

    Sad. Sad. Sad.

    1. Yeah, that's bad. But not as bad as coming within one out of being swept by Kansas City (Kansas City!) in your home opening series. 98 losses may be a bit too hopeful, when I think about it...

  6. Roy Halladay's 14.73 ERA is truly amazing.

    We're losing 7-1 (7-1!) to the Mets (the Mets, who will never win anything ever again, but still) right now, a series in which we'll be swept .

    Actually, I think we're gonna lose 108 games this year.

    Fire sale time.
    Get whatever we can (preferably prospects and draft picks) for Chase Utley, Cliff Lee, Paps and Jimmy Rollins.

    Let's rebuild from the ground up, and have hope again maybe in 2015.

    It's the only way.

    (Also, let's bring up Mickey Morandini from Lakewood!)

    My Jihad. ;)