Thursday, April 25, 2013

Israelis sign deals with Google, LinkedIn

Mike L.

Sagi Cohen at Y-Net writes:
Two Israeli startup companies have signed promising cooperation agreements with Google and LinkedIn.

The first company, Graduway, has developed an internal social network for universities, which derives information from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The alumni network allows the institution's graduates to keep in touch.

The company has signed a strategic agreement with LinkedIn, the professional social networking website which is valued at more than $18 billion and has some 200 million members.
The reason that I highlight this is because I have had more than enough of this nonsense about Israel becoming isolated because they are allegedly mean to the Arabs.  This is false.  Given fourteen centuries of racist Arab hostility towards the Jewish minority in the Middle East those Jews are practically saints, by any fair moral accounting.

I do not write a whole lot about Israel as the UpStart Nation, but I am always happy to see these kinds of stories.  The fact of the matter is that the Jewish people in the Middle East are doing far better than they have for thousands of years.  They are more secure, now, because they no longer live under dhimmitude.  Against all odds they have achieved a European level of economic development and did so while under constant fire from the hostile majority in the region.

The fact that Google and LinkedIn are cutting deals with Israelis is an indication that Israel is actually doing quite well.  It's a small example, but it is fairly representative of the larger trend.

In truth, Israel is doing very nicely and has more relationships, diplomatic and economic, now than it is had at any time in the past.  And now they are becoming an oil producing nation?

Good for them!

Israel Thrives.


  1. Yeah but but but, some coop in Washington that most people in their own town haven't even heard of banned hummus made in Massachusetts... so there!

  2. Y'know, Jay, Haber did an absolutely terrific job of detailing BDS failures.

    I have to tip my cap to that guy, because he really did it well, but the problem is not just about BDS.

    I honestly think that we make a mistake if we focus too heavily on that nonsense.

    From my view the real problem is the slow spread of hatred toward the Jewish people. BDS is like a sledge, but I am more concerned about the chit-chat and yammering that precedes it and underlines it. I guess that I am more concerned about the support we give it ourselves.

    When a Jew like Segall talks about the "Occupation" with a capital "O" he is already advancing the notion of Jewish guilt - and, thus, the need for Jewish punishment.

    Richard Landes is correct to speak of "cognitive warfare."

    Segall means well, but he's dumb, and the reason that he is dumb is because he has adopted the very language of his own enemies.

    Perhaps someday he will snap out of his vegetable torpor, but I do not see it happening anytime soon.

  3. Daily Kos editors just 'rescued' a diary by fanatical antisemitic anti-Zionist litho (who also claims to be Jewish, for whatever that's worth), whose long string of hits at that site includes defense of the Khazar Hoax and one particularly lovely comment stating that Zionists have 'blood and guts' dripping from our teeth, amongst many other things I've surely forgotten over the past couple years.

    See? Daily Kos doesn't hate Jews (even though they systematically purged, or somehow otherwise forced out, roughly 99.3% of all pro-Israel Jewish posters over the past four years or so) at all! They love litho and David Harris-Gershon!

    Anyway, back to that diary. A few things strike me:

    1) That piece of shit was actually 'rescued' by an official site editor. See the 'rescued' tag. This means that site officially endorses the words of that diary.

    2) Come on, he's fucking lying his ass off and was just antsy to post an anti-Israel diary, since nobody else had for a few days. He had no such conversation with anybody, ever. He's merely dabbling in antisemitic anti-Zionist fiction.

    3) Look at the title, and read the words again. Once more, a Daily Kos editor 'rescued' that. What, are they jealous of HuffPo's running circles around them on the antisemitic front lately? Have they decided to try to make a run for this year's title? Especially since almost all of the Jews who don't also hate Jews are now gone, and there's hardly anyone left to complain?

    4) Dozens of people support that thing, via recs and tips and comments, and they certainly aren't the dastardly right-wingers we're so often told we really need to look out for...

    1. And let me note that after reading comments, I think the remaining pro-Israel folks there did a good job.

      But that's the thing - it shouldn't even be necessary to have to battle such a disgusting diatribe (one which by virtue of being rescued was promoted to a prominent place on the front page of that site) in the first place, let alone at a blog which claims to stand for liberalism.

      Stormfront, sure.

      But at a mainstream Democratic blog? There's something very wrong here...

    2. Precisely.

      Is there any other minority that is perpetually under attack by the progressive-left aside from the Jews?

      We are the only minority for whom it is politically correct to kick the crap out of, despite the fact that similar haters murdered one-third of our number within living memory.

      My father's side of the family was wiped out by people who, much like those on Daily Kos, kept telling one another how how vile Jews are.

      In spreading their hatred, obviously, they do not talk about Jews. They talk about "Zionists" - whatever those are exactly - or they talk about "Israelis" but it's the same damn thing.

      The problem with "progressive Zionists" like Jon Segall or "fizziks" or Ryan WhatsHisFace is that they promote the very notion that anti-Semitic anti-Zionists use to promote violence against the Jews of the Middle East.

      They talk about the Occupation with the Big O, which automatically suggests that the Jewish minority in the Middle East deserve whatever beating that they get.

      Segall and his ilk have wiped out four thousand years of Jewish history on Jewish land simply by accepting the Jordanian term "West Bank" to refer to Judea and Samaria.

      People like Jon Segall think that they are friends to the Jewish State of Israel, even as they perpetually undermine that country.

      The Long Arab War Against the Jews in the Middle East is vile, unnecessary, and entirely grounded in a primitive form of theocratic race hatred by the majority population there, yet so many progressive-left Jews justify it.

      The kind of Jews who tend to participate on places on Daily Kos will not stand up for Tamar Fogel, but they will stand against the very notion that the Fogels have the right to live in Samaria.

      It is simply grotesque.

      "Progressive Zionists," present company excepted, are not a friend to the Jewish people or to the Jewish state because they tend to view Israel through Arab eyes - via the "Palestinian narrative."

      And this is part of the reason that the conflict goes on and on and on, decade upon decade.

      So long as we consider ourselves guilty, despite all evidence to the contrary, this fight will never end and your daughter, two decades from now, will be having the same type of conversations that we had two decades ago.

      Unless we learn from the past.

    3. I can only hope that my daughter (she'll be 16 in a few months) will not be having to deal with this when she's my age.

      (I hope?)

      She is being taught the facts of the situation (h/t Daniel, heh) though, and if it's necessary, and if she does indeed choose to engage (she's mostly Filipina and Irish, for whatever that's worth), I'm quite sure she'll make us proud.

      I'm done having kids, myself, but I will leave a particularly brilliant one behind, hopefully to be a great friend of our people... ;)

    4. 16.

      That must be an interesting and difficult age.

      It sure as heck was for me!

    5. She'll get over it within a year. ;)

    6. She's got a particular artistic talent, btw, and will be using it to go to the school of her choice after high school. She's fleeing New Jersey as soon as she can (good girl!), but she's heading to the wrong city!

      Oh, well. Go figure. Maybe she'll just use that place up north for a degree, though, and then come on down here to the better city to make a life. ;)

    7. Y'know, Jay, I fled Connecticut when I was twenty.

      Me and a buddy drove 'cross country on our own little Kerouac / Thompson inspired road trip.

      We landed in Haight-Ashbury.

      Good times, but if I had a daughter I wouldn't want her to do it!

      So, what is she going to study in school? She's quite the young'n, so she probably doesn't even know, eh?

      If I were you I would tell her to study something practical, but I'm getting to be a rather crusty fart, I guess.

    8. Yeah, she's still got time to figure it out. Eventually, she wants to be a teacher, but first she's gonna try to make a living in dance.

      She can never really call me 'old,' since she'll always only be just 17 years and 11 months younger than me. So that's something I can always use right back on her. ;)

  4. It looks like this person missed the point.

    No worries. Heroic antisemite litho, in reply to that comment, made sure to clarify exactly who it is that we need to be hatin'.

    Lest his accomplishment of being 'rescued' and promoted by Daily Kos editors in his quest to inflame hatred against Jews be lost, and all...

  5. Reply of the year.

    Finally, somebody shoveled their 'OMGRACIST' bullshit right back in their mouth.


    And oh look, the victim is good ole' Assaf, a truly fringe left-wing Israeli who was once turned down for a professorship at a US university, so of course he then went on to write a seven-part, 90,000 word series at Daily Kos on why The Jews were, ummmm I mean Israel, was responsible for him simply not being good enough...

    1. (Observers will also note that I spent dozens of comments defending Palestinian peoplehood right here myself just a week or two ago, and that I'm not a fan of the lower-case, quotation-marked thing myself, nor have I ever or will I ever used same, but still... whacking astounding hypocrites like him in the face with their very own shovels is always a fantastic thing to see!)

  6. And though I'm not even an NFL fan, the fact that my Oregon homey Chip Kelly is our new coach has dragged me in.

    (Also, the fact that the Phillies, the Sixers and the Flyers all suck doesn't hurt, either - we've gotta have at least ONE good professional sports team, right?)

    The Eagles just drafted Oklahoma's Lane Johnson, a 300-pound offensive lineman, with tonight's 4th overall pick, who started out as a quarterback, and who runs faster than Anquan Boldin and who has a 34" vertical jump.

    Sounds like someone right up Coach Kelly's alley. Can't wait until September! ;)

    1. (I want John Cyprien with our 3rd pick in the 2nd round today, and if so, no matter what happens after that, this will have been a great draft!)