Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Palestinian-Arabs attack check-point, 1 dead

Mike L. 
Soldiers opened fire on Palestinians after they attacked checkpoint with fire, Molotov cocktails; security forces gear up for outbreak of violence ahead of funeral of Palestinian prisoner in Hebron.

IDF soldiers shot and killed a 17-year-old Palestinian by an IDF checkpoint in Tulkarem in the West Bank following an attack on the soldiers on Wednesday night, Army Radio reported.

According to the report, several Palestinians fired toward and threw Molotov cocktails at the Einav checkpoint.

The soldiers left their positions and responded to the attack with live fire, reportedly killing one Palestinian and injuring another.

Security forces are geared for an outbreak of violence in the West Bank Thursday, particularly in Hebron where a funeral will be held for Palestinian prisoner Maissara Abu Hamdiyeh, 63, who died of esophagus cancer in Soroka Hospital on Tuesday.

Two separate autopsies by both Israel and the Palestinian Authority that his death was caused by cancer, but that did not quell Palestinian anger against Israel for his death.
They have to learn that it is not perpetually open-season on the Jewish people.  The only reason the check-point is even there is because Arabs have so often sought to kick the hell out of Jews since the time of Muhammed.   Were it not for that time-honored, Koranically-based tradition there would be no need for check-points to begin with.

The Palestinian-Arabs, like the Arab governments more generally, could have chosen to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors, but they chose not to.  Were it not for the fact that Arabs absolutely refuse to allow the Jews to live in peace on historically Jewish land there would be no conflict.  There would be no check-points.  There would be no security barrier (or "Apartheid Wall" as anti-Semitic anti-Zionists like to say).   There would have been no "Nakba."  There would have been no refugees.  There would have been no suicide bombers.

None of it.

It all derives from virulent racism toward the Jewish minority in the Middle East by the vast Arab majority.

These people are ruining their own lives, and the lives of their children, because they absolutely refuse to accept us.  Out of a deep, theocratically-based, racism against Jews they are willing to throw everything away.

And what is this nonsense that Israel is somehow responsible for the death of an Arab murderer who dies in an Israeli prison medical facility from cancer?

The stupidity is just unimaginable.  Perhaps Netanyahu will apologize and give some additional funds to the PA for their loss.


  1. Palestinians and's what they do.

    1. Were it not for the fact that Hamas was democratically elected, I might take issue with that, Doodad.

      Sadly, they were democratically elected.

      They knew what they were voting for and they voted for it anyway.

      {I'm sure it's all our fault.}

    2. I know a lot of people will take issue with anyway but seriously, prior to 2001 when people heard "terrorism," they thought "Palestinian." It may be PC to say so but there you have it. I'm sure it's part of the reason so few Americans support Palestinians. Here are some notable attacks which have helped create that image:

      Main article: List of massacres in Israel

      1974 Japanese Embassy attack in Kuwait
      1980 Paris synagogue bombing
      Munich massacre
      1981 Antwerp bombing
      Attack on the Saudi embassy in Khartoum
      Coastal Road massacre
      Dolphinarium discotheque suicide bombing
      Jerusalem bus 19 suicide bombing
      Ma'alot massacre
      Passover massacre
      Maxim restaurant suicide bombing
      Pi Glilot bombing
      Sabena Flight 571
      Savoy Hotel Attack
      Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing
      Shawarma restaurant bombing
      Swissair Flight 330
      Pan Am Flight 110 Rome - Italy
      Avivim school bus massacre
      Mercaz HaRav massacre
      Dizengoff Street bus bombing
      Hijacking of Achille Lauro
      Beit Lid massacre
      Jaffa Road bus bombings
      Kiryat Menachem bus bombing
      1979 Nahariya attack
      Lod Airport massacre
      Ma'ale Akrabim massacre
      Hebrew University massacre
      2008 Dimona suicide bombing
      Karkur junction suicide bombing
      EgyptAir Flight 648
      Night of the Gliders
      2004 Sinai bombings
      Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
      2000 Ramallah lynching
      Itamar attack (2011)
      Rome and Vienna airport attacks

      And on and on it goes.

  2. Apparently, Mike, the fact that cancer is a much more competent killer than their terrorist heroes is a concept these fine folks find hard to grasp. So, naturally it follows that now it's time to riot.

    1. "Naturally," snicker snicker. Jay, I love your sense of humour. ;)

  3. They will continue to be their own worst enemy, but now that Islamic aggression spreads beyond Israel, more become attuned about the false claims and outrage and there is growing pushback to show that it is not about building something up, but tearing things down.

  4. Since the Arabs want 'international supervision' of Arab prisoners I would call for such a thing. In Europe, the cradle of human rights. Establish a regime whereby all Arab terrorists in Israeli prisons, theses so called 'political prisoners' are packed on planes and sent to Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and/or the UK. That way they can be cared for in the style to which the EU demands they be administered.

    I would place them entirely in their care including the extent to which they continue to be imprisoned at all. For if, for example Anders Breivik could be facing no more than 14 years in prison (in theory, in practice he's likely in prison forever - in a strangely ironic case of human rights loving Norway essentially passing a law against one man) for murdering 77 people, then these so called freedom fighters, who, being convicted of the deaths of mere Jews or the attempted deaths of mere Jews should probably see only a few months or weeks of incarceration. Then let them roam about the free-breathing spaces of Europe. Give them refugee status. Let them settle there if they like, with their families.

    Or, should they decide they'd rather return to the Goat-molest-istan of their dreams and want to return to the family business of Jew-killing then if they do, shoot them on sight as still being technically incarcerated for life under Israeli law and clearly a prison escapee bent on mass murder. But for my money, I'd choose to stay in Brussels or Oslo, Malmo, Geneva, Manchester..on the dole, worshiped as a man-god-hero in the community.