Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Abbas putting extremist murderers on pedestal'


Well, dear old peace partner Abbas is at it again, loving up to terrorists.

"Netanyahu slams Abbas after he meets 11 prisoners freed in Schalit deal in Turkey, among them terrorist Amna Muna. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was "disappointed" by what he termed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's "unfortunate decision" to meet with freed Palestinian terrorist Amna Muna in Turkey on Wednesday. Abbas met with Muna along with ten other Palestinians freed and exiled to Turkey as part of the deal to release kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Schalit in October. Muna, the so-called "Internet Murderer" was serving a life sentence for luring 16-year-old Ofir Rahum to Ramallah where he was murdered in 2001.....The PA president, according to a statement released by his office, "praised the prisoners for remaining steadfast in the face of Israeli wardens' mastery."

No doubt streets will be named after them soon; but, it is settlers/Hilltop Youth  that are the problem, right? You can expect to hear NOTHING about this from the UN or Obama et al. They know who is really to blame; Israel. It makes me ill. This disgusting charade that Abbas is interested in peace must stop.



  1. No, the real problem is clearly Orthodox Jews... or maybe "hilltop youth"... or perhaps Glenn Beck... I can't seem to decide.

    But whatever you do, Doodad, do not mention the Jihad because it upsets liberals.


  2. Jihad? I thought Obama et al eliminated the term Jihad. Fort Hood became a work related accident.

  3. "An official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said it was
    "shocking to see a man who tells the entire world he wants to make peace
    with Israel fly all the way to Turkey to meet a despicable murderer.",7340,L-4165039,00.html

    I'm not shocked because my eyes are wide open when it comes to Abbas and the phony baloney peace process.

  4. "Israel Radio reports that Abu Mazen and Jibril Rajoub went to Turkey specially to meet with the terrorists - and specifically with Mona. Rajoub told Israel Radio that he didn't think there was anything wrong with the meeting."

    And this is the kind of barbarian who everyone thinks Israel can negotiate peace with? Give your knuckleheads a big old shake. You are all reality impaired.

  5. "Only four more Israeli soldiers need to be captured"

    From the Hamas-oriented Palestine Info site:

    The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners has said that all
    Palestinian prisoners could be out of jail if only four more Israeli
    soldiers are captured.

    Director of the center Ismail Thawabta said that the Shalit deal
    succeeded in liberating 20% of Palestinian prisoners, calculating that
    four more Israeli soldiers are needed to secure freedom of the remaining
    Palestinian prisoners."

    Peace process? What peace process?

  6. According to the AP, an Abbas spokesman told Israel Radio:

    "There are Israeli parliamentarians and army generals who are worse than her."

    Open your eyes everyone to what barbarians these "peace partners," are.

  7. They can say that because they portray Jewish self-defense as aggression and many, many people in the west, particularly on the left, buy this insidious nonsense.