Monday, December 19, 2011

Obama is Not a Friend to Israel or the Jewish People, So Let Him Search His Own Soul


At a White House meeting in March Obama told a collection of Jewish leaders:

"You must speak to your Israeli friends and relatives and search your souls to determine how badly do you really want peace. Israelis think this peace business is overrated; their life is good, their economy is good, and things are quiet.”

We need to search our souls?

The Jewish people are perhaps the most self-reflective people on the entire planet and no one wants peace more than we do.

And "things are quiet"? Sure. Except for the rocket attacks and the dead Israeli Jews, everything is quiet.

1,300 years of dhimmitude followed by a century of war and Obama is not sure that the Jews want peace? Is he serious?

"Israelis think this peace business is overrated..."

They do, do they?

No one who would say the above can possibly be considered a friend to the Jewish people or to the state of Israel.

That much should be entirely obvious.



  1. Vile is the word that comes immediately to my mind.

    He either knows nothing of Jewish history or simply doesn't care and, yet, Jewish liberals will still vote for him out of ideological myopia.

  2. I think the situation is a bit more serious than you've expressed.  Obama has not hesitated to show a very hard face toward Israel during his re-election campaign.  What lies in store if he gets a second term?  Then there will be no leverage on him.

    I sense lethal intentions from this odious man.

  3. I think his intentions are probably OK, but I don't care about his intentions.  What I care about is what he has done and therefore what he is likely to do going forward so, yes, I agree that a second Obama term could very well be disastrous.

    He killed the possibility of a negotiated settlement through by adding a racist precondition to negotiations, the "total settlement freeze."

    He compares the rise of Radical Islam to Rosa Parks and the American Civil Rights Movement.

    And he is prepared to do virtually nothing to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weaponry.

    Speaking as a liberal, as someone who came out of the progressive movement, I just cannot understand why other liberals are so blase about this.

  4. Joe Biden just said:

    "The Taliban are not our enemy." Does anyone know what the heck the Obama game plan is when it says this yet blames Israel for every single thing it can?