Tuesday, December 13, 2011

These Are Your Friends


Israel will destroy itself. It is inevitable. (0+ / 0-)

The Palestinian birthrate dwarfs that of Israeli Jews. Once the population figures favor Palestinians enough, the Zionist project will finally be over and done with.

by OccupyWallStreetNotPalestine on Mon Dec 12, 2011 at 07:40:12 AM PST

This is a common voice from the progressive-left.

He is looking forward to the demise of Jewish self-defense, something which can only result in rivers of Jewish blood.

This is not a right-winger, but a left-winger.

This is your political movement.

Not mine.



  1. There are some really disgusting posts in that diary as usual. In another diary dealing with Palestine the author writes:

    Palestinians in the 21st Century may resemble David in stature far more than their presumptive ancestor. 
    Typical Kossack BS.


  2. "Palestinians in the 21st Century may resemble David in stature far more than their presumptive ancestor."

    That's the snippet I noted too when reading that diary.

    If they resemble David, then it's on purpose that they resemble David. But once I disavow the narrative of a non-Jewish "Palestinian nation," then it's back to the Jewish David against a 21-state strong Arab or 57-state strong Islamic Goliath.

    Understand me, I'm attached to this argument because it changes everything, reversing the situation to make the PR defense of Israel a cinch. Whereas, beforehand, going through the premise that Zionism from 1882 onward has been a colonial invasion foisted upon the indigenous, the best a defender of the Zionist claim can hope for is clemency for Zionism's "heinous crimes."

    My ambition is to defend Israel from an upright position. My goal is to put the Jewish claim on the offensive and its detractors on the defensive. I can't stand to see Israel being put on trial all the time. I want the other side squirming for a change.

  3. I'm with you.

    If you follow dkos I-P you see that the advocates for Israel are ALWAYS on the defensive... and almost always Jewish, by the way.

    The reason that they are always on the defensive is that they have absorbed so much of the Palestinian narrative that the conversations inevitably start from the presumption of Jewish-Israel guilt and wrongdoing.

    So, yes, we take the fight to the bastards because no one is going to be allowed, given our history, to strip Jews of self-determination and self-defense.

    And if "progressives" don't like it, then we stop supporting progressives and their institutions.