Monday, December 19, 2011

And This Too is the Progressive Left


Get back to me when the US sponsors the Taliban (0+ / 0-)

to the tune of $3billion a year and defends the Taliban in the UN every chance it gets, instead of bombing and hounding the Talibans in a 10 year war.

by icemilkcoffee on Sun Dec 18, 2011 at 06:49:44 PM PST

We must face the fact that a significant portion of the Democratic Party and the progressive left is hostile to the Jewish state and friendly toward the Radical Jihad.

We need to say it because it happens to be true.

Lying for peace doesn't work.

Let's defend our families first.



  1. Not at all a surprise coming from that one, a probable zombie and a great fan of the Khazar myth who was once the only supporter of a four-part diary series pushing that shit over there.  And yeah, the poster of those diaries was around long enough to post four parts of that series before finally being banned.  Four parts...

  2. That is so ignorant on so many levels.  Not a surprise coming from Daily Kos' resident Khazar supporter.

    Doesn't he know that, to the extent that the Taliban were reconstituted Mujahadeen, that the US DID send them billions?  Obviously not, which is par for the course when it comes to the narrow worldview of the indoctrinated.
    Also do these people know how to count?  They act like 3 billion is some majorly significant part of the federal budget.  It is less than 0.2%.  Why don't they direct their irrational anger toward farm subsidies or something that takes up more of the budget?

  3. I will jump in to say, as usual, that these kinds of comments are not going away, even in the best of situations.

    If you really think they persuade one to be anti-Israel, who was not already, I suggest it's a mistake.

    To the extent that I would address the mainly irrelevant I/P stuff ant Daily Kos, it's the more innocuous comments that I would pay greater attention to, not blatant ones where the commenter comes of the kook and hater. The innocuous deserve and may even require express rebuttal.

    I also don't think it's reflective of all the Left Progressive  (LP) side, which, even when criticizing Israel, is more muted in position compared to the small bad of self-reinforcing crusaders.

    I think by raising the prominence of idiotic comments it may give them more power than they may achieve otherwise.

    That said, if the particular commenter wished to hate Israel and the USA and prefers the Taliban culture in the scheme of things, I am not saddened. I think he/she will do fine under that system, as compared to our own.


  4. School,

    day after day after day we are learning that the progressive-left, as a movement, is turning against Israel.

    If they were not turning against Israel then we would not be seeing just so many of these kinds of comments coming out of the progressive movement.

    We need to point to this stuff and let them know that it is simply unacceptable.

    And it's not about Daily Kos, it's about the movement more generally.

  5. It's the same small group of people making the same type of comments in what is a virtual echo chamber.

    For those who like to scrutinize Daily Kos, however, I think it is the diaries and the memes in more innocuous statements, the merits of which should be addressed. That's just my suggestion.

    Better to take on the premise and design of manipulative diaries than the comment that most all see as wacko.

    I just read a post by Joseph Klein that gets to where attention should be focused, as I see it, and I intend to be more proactive in the areas he mentions, rather than Daily Kos, since there are some positive cracks in the mainstream where opportunity exists to further the cause.  

  6. Do most on dkos think that anti-Zionism is wacko?  

    If that were the case someone other than the Jews might speak up about it.

    I do not think that your criticism is untoward, but it leads me to wonder if I am making my point well enough.

    The problem is not Daily Kos, or the statements of any specific anti-Semitic anti-Zionists, but that anti-Semitic anti-Zionism has come be an accepted part of the progressive movement.

    Were that not the case then I would expect non-Jewish liberals to come in and object... but they don't.

    That's really the point.  Progressives are allowing their movement to be a home for anti-Zionism.

    So?  What does that say about the movement and it's relationship to the Jewish people and the Jewish state?

    Not much, unfortunately, school.

  7. Making a new entry that is wider.

  8. I do not doubt that it's a part, but how large a part.

    I think many people at Daily Kos stay away, and never even see many of these comments.

    It seems that Ben Smith at Politico has exposed this problem you mention, that I believe exists, and is perhaps generational, meaning that the proponents are disproportionately exposed to one narrative.

    But then there are the types like MJ Rosenberg who disparage anyone that dares to disagree, about Israel, America, anything. These are the ones that perhaps should be confronted more, as compared to the noise at Daily Kos.

    Again, I think the Democratic Party has too many pro-Israel members to be considered having gone off the edge, at least yet.  But I agree it is to be watched and addressed, and I think I try to do that without writing off the lot.

    Sadly, it may take the Islamafication of Middle East regimes to make people start to notice the obvious fact that Israel is the friend of the USA, and that these shrill voices are not, despite what they say.