Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Day, Another Rocket Attack


Qassam rocket fired from Gaza explodes in Shaar Hanegev regional council in Israel

Meanwhile our "friends" on the progressive-left blame the Jews for Arab attacks upon us. They "know," despite the centuries' long Arab animosity toward, and domination of, the Jewish people that their hatred toward us, and thus violence toward us, is our own fault.

Israel is mean and therefore the saintly "indigenous" population... who, for the most part, happen to come from elsewhere... has no choice but to try to kill us.

That is essentially the stance of the progressive-left on the Arab conflict with the Jews of the Middle East.

And, yet, we support them.

{Why does the phrase "Jewish liberal wussie" come so readily to mind?}

I mean, really, if we will not stand up for ourselves... because progressives have convinced us that it is politically incorrect to do so... then who will stand up for us?

Nobody. That's who.

Oh, and by the way, Barack Obama is no friend to either the Jewish state or the Jewish people. No one who would tell Jews where we may be allowed to live in Jerusalem can possibly consider himself a friend to the Jewish people.

It simply doesn't work that way.


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