Thursday, December 22, 2011

Report: Saudi Textbooks Teach Annihilation of Jews


Well, they are still at it in the Arab world; educating their youth to annihilate Jews.

"State-funded books in Saudi Arabia continue to teach kids that 'hour (of judgment) won't come until Muslims fight Jews and kill them,' Fox News reports

The news network, which was able to obtain translated copies of the recently-printed books from the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington, DC, said that the books teaches ninth graders that the annihilation of Jews is imperative...."The hour (of judgment) will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them," one part reads. "There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."

The books also target homosexuals and recommend amputations for  thieves.

And some people think there will be peace. Yeah, and Hell will freeze over. Oh wait, perhaps there will be peace when all those Jews are killed off and Israel is wiped out. Silly me, I have been looking at this whole peace thing the wrong way.



  1. That line about the tree who calls for Muslims to come kill Jews is a very common line and comes from one of the "hadiths."

    There seems to be a real hesitation in the west, and among Jews, to point this out.  

    While we here in the west tend to be very politically correct and usually try to avoid insulting people from other cultures, in the Arab world they do not seem the least little bit shy about proclaiming a genocidal hatred toward the Jewish people.

    And, needless to say, do not expect "progressives" to speak out against Arab or Muslim genocidal Jew hatred.  They never will.

    The reason for that is:

    They don't get it.

    They don't care.

    And they very much want you to shut the fuck up.

    Am I wrong?

  2. As far as I can see you are not wrong karma.  Unfortunately it will get you labelled a racist and right wing or simply the "wrong kind," of liberal.

  3. I agree that too many people seem too hesitant to address this issue, for whatever reason.

    This is a no brainer to me, but it seems that even to "look over there" has become justification to dismiss what takes place, and help explains why there is a conflict at a fundamental level.

  4. I think one reason is the cognitive dissonance it creates. If one is ideologically down on Israel (and all that entails which is a lot,) you de facto take a side. To then disparage the side you "support," is counterintuitive except for the most principled and high minded sort of person; a rarity in these debates since most of the debating is done from a political basis rather than one that rises above politics.

  5. Sure, but what about those who are ideologically up with Israel, i.e., the Jewish people, who absolutely refuse to discuss this problem?

    I honestly do not get it.  

    The genocidal Jew hatred that comes out of mosques in the Arab world is as far from liberalism or progressivism, or even just common human decency, as is possible and, yet, even Jewish liberalism shut their eyes and their mouths and their ears.

    It's an amazing handicap and it is entirely foolish, yet they cannot bring themselves to face what is both obvious and dangerous to us as a people.

    And, further, I am convinced that the reason that so many liberal Jews cannot face this thing is because then other liberals will call them nasty names and give them the cold shoulder.

    It's a social phenomenon.

  6.  Well at some point one gets called a racist for discussing it so yeah, I can see your point. The dKos experience proves the former.What I love about rising above left/right politics is that one's bullshit detector gets pretty finely honed.

  7. Doodad, this is quite right, isn't it?

    "What I love about rising above left/right politics is that one's bullshit detector gets pretty finely honed."

    I could not agree more.

    I have no problem detecting right-wing talking points and bullshit because I was clued into that by the time that I was 13 or 14 years old.  It's left-wing talking points and bullshit that remained tenacious as hell until just these past few years.

    It all started with the anti-Zionists on dkos.  At first I gave them credibility.  I even had Jon the anti-Zionist Jew begin to convince me... believe it or not... that the single-state solution was the way to go, until I quickly realized that neither population actually wanted that.

    But, I have to say, relieving oneself of ideology is a motherfucker, if you will kindly excuse the language.

    It is a motherfucker, though.

    Ideology is about propaganda and propaganda is about controlling the way that people think.  What people tend not to understand about how propaganda functions is that it is not necessarily top-down, but can marinate from the bottom-up, as well.

    Think about the Protocols in Germany back in the good old days.  It was not just a matter of Der Sturmer yammering its hateful nonsense, but of people repeating and repeating repeating that nonsense.

    The elites plant the seed and the people soak themselves in it.

  8. Absolutely on this point. I see it by both sides as well. One side, however, that claims to be about human rights, is helping to dismantle it, and will hopefully discover that they will not escape being targets despite their help, be it unintentional or duplicitous.