Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good News, Karma


"YidWithLid writes that Jewish political organizations that place progressivism before Jewish values are experiencing a significant drop in donations. Two Jewish Organizations that put progressive politics before their mission, the ADL and The AJC have seen their donations plummet during the past five years. Apparently the money is shifting toward single-issue organizations especially Israel advocacy groups.....The organizations on the rise include AIPAC, The Israel Project, and Stand With Us. All Israel advocacy groups."

Looks like we might be winning.



  1. Stand With Us is an organization that I have considerable respect for.  Michael Harris is a leading SWU organizer here in the Bay Area and he helped bring Daniel Gordis to the SF JCC a short while ago.  He was also one of my co-panelists in our recent discussion.

    I don't know, Doodad, but I like people and organizations that stand up for what they stand up for.  It seems to me that if people want to do advocacy then they shouldn't equivocate.  Or, really, if one is going to do pro-Israel advocacy then there is nothing to equivocate about.

    Given Jewish history, i.e., 2,000 years of getting our collective ass kicked, then we deserve sovereignty on ancient Jewish land.

    Period.  End of story.

    And if anyone doesn't like it, then they have a fight on their hands.

  2. Most all these groups do good. None of them have enough money.

    Clearly, Israel advocacy has taken on importance, which is not a bad thing at all. Yet antisemitism also grows among anti-Israel voices in Europe and America, and others.

    I believe a multi-pronged, multi-level approach is needed in defending Zionism and Jewish right to life, all playing significant roles to achieve success.

    There are many who claim to support Israel's right to exist, but from how they ignore the threats against Israel and Jews, one must question their authenticity. They believe they act for the good, but quash scrutiny that they share positions with those preaching genocide and others that violate human rights as their inherent, divine right.