Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Is Celtic Merlin a Nazi?


I suppose it depends on how one defines "Nazi." To my mind, if someone perpetually spits hatred at the Jewish state while suggesting that Jews enjoy harming perfectly innocent Palestinian waifs then, yes, one is acting as a Nazi, i.e., acting in a defamatory manner towards Jews consistent with what we saw in Der Sturmer during the 1930s.

I do not thank you for the mental images of children in chains and leg irons. That is a disturbing thing that "the National State and Homeland of the Jewish people ®" has chosen to do to children.

Why not just claim that we Jews use the blood of babies in the cooking of matzoh and be done with it? It's essentially the same thing, the Blood Libel. Here Celtic Merlin is on a progressive-left political blog telling the world that the Jews are cruel to innocent children, that we literally place them in chains and irons. In this way Celtic Merlin, as well as his anti-Semitic friend "soysauce," is promoting violence toward us. When a little Jewish kid gets beaten up in Paris for the crime of being Jewish or when an Arab teenager sneaks into a Jewish home and chops the head off of a three month old Jewish baby girl, it is because people like Celtic Merlin have told the world how vile the Jews truly are.

This is your movement, guys.

Jewish people have long been a significant part of the progressive movement in the west, but that movement has betrayed the Jewish people because it now accepts anti-Semitic anti-Zionists, as we see with Celtic Merlin, as part of the larger constituency. Well, I am sorry, but they cannot have it both ways. One cannot be open to Jewish participation if one is also open to anti-Semitic participation.

The progressive-left, and the grassroots of the Democratic Party, is no place for any Jewish person who maintains a smidgen of self-respect.

Hey liberal Jews! Stop being dhimmis and stand up for yourselves. They will never respect you so long as you allow "liberals" to kick your ass on a daily basis and make no mistake, that is precisely what is happening. On a daily basis, throughout progressive-left venues around the world, the Jews are getting their asses kicked by anti-Semitic anti-Zionists while the rest of the progressive constituency either watches, while munching on their popcorn, or simply turns a blind eye to the ongoing abuse of one of their core constituencies.

I say that it is long past time to stand the fuck up and fight back.


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