Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Missiles? No comment. Graffiti? Obstacle to peace!

So goes the comment on an article in the JP about the latest UN bashing of Israel. Really, the comment says it all. We all know the UN is obsessed with condemning Israel. We all know the track record. Sure, every once in awhile it will pooh pooh Palestine for missiles but generally criticism is as rare as hen's teeth. Don't ever expect the UN to speak the truth about the real obstacle to peace; Arab/Muslim hatred of Jews and their mere presence on "their," lands.

Israel pulled out of settlements in Gaza and got, not peace, but missiles; LOTS of them. So much for the settlements are the problem theory. Anyone who buys that theory is perpetuating the Narrative; a false Narrative. Listen to what they say in Arabic; look at the flags they produce which show NO Israel. Then you will know what they really want and what the real problem is; Israel itself-the biggest "settlement." I personally will not assist their false narrative by ascribing to the "settlements are the problem," red herring. Neither should anyone. Settlements are an ISSUE to be resolved at final negotiations.

dKos has 2 diaries up on the UN move and they are as you could expect FOR the typical UN blame Israel position and mocking the US for basically saying nothing. ie The US didn't stand up for Israel, merely said nothing. It doesn't surprise me that Kossacks think the US should be like all these other Israel bashing countries. They hate Israel and want their country to as well.

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