Thursday, December 1, 2011

This is the Progressive-Left


They aren't participating? (0+ / 0-)

How SHOCKING! Who would ever have thought that "the National State and Homeland of the Jewish people ®" wouldn't participate in a transparent, good-faith negotiating program designed to finally arrive at a Palestinian State? I thought that "the National State and Homeland of the Jewish people ®" wanted an end to The Occupation and an end to the status quo. It seems that, like Bogart in Casablanca, "I was misinformed."

How foolish of me!
/sarcasm (with eye roll)

Celtic Merlin

Struggle with dignity against injustice. IS there anything more honorable that a person can do?

by Celtic Merlin on Thu Dec 01, 2011 at 01:28:30 PM PST

Can't you just feel the hatred pouring out of this comment? He just spits contempt aimed directly at Jews.

But this is Daily Kos. This is your movement.

This is a voice of the progressive-left and he represents just one among millions who think just like him.

Progressives and Democrats, you must be very proud.

Now I understand why Barack Obama feels free to tell Jews where we may, or may not, be allowed to live in the ancient Jewish city of Jerusalem. It's because his constituency doesn't mind him trying to push around the Jewish people on their own land.

Face it, race hatred toward Jews is perfectly acceptable among self-righteous progressives.

This is why the Nice Lady from Firefly has no problem participating on a blog wherein the owner calls for nuking Israel and displays a mockery of a Star of David on the front page. It is because even rank Jew hatred is generally acceptable among "anti-racist" progressives.

They only object if it is the most crude form of anti-Semitism imaginable which, if they accepted it, would give the lie to their claims of being anti-racist. The last thing in this world that the left is is anti-racist. They only care about racism to the extent that they can use it as a club against their political enemies.

Whatever issues I may have with Republicans and conservatives, the progressive-left is utterly detestable. At least the Tea Party people did not turn the downtown of my newly adopted city of Oakland, California into one big filthy latrine, as they were shooting up heroin and defecating on police cars.

Dump the Democratic Party, I say, and dump the progressive movement. The left is emphatically not healthy for the Jewish people.


  1. 5 comments is all that diary could muster, although the commenter you highlighted is an anti-Israel extremist par excellence, posing as a humanist.

  2. People pay lip service to bigotry of all kinds. That is a fact whether you are black or Jewish or some other group. The problem is not only limited to Leftists.

    We cannot dictate how people think. We should speak out. Still, I think these people are almost completely appreciated by their comrades and kindred spirits. They turn others off with their extremist ways.

    Do you imply that I take this lightly for placing my focus elsewhere. There are only 24 hours in a day. Since I think these people do a fine job of showing the hate in their hearts all by themselves, I feel less need to obsess over them, as compared to those who I believe constitute a greater threat.

  3. oldschooltwentysix,

    I apologize for writing the last sentence of my previous comment to you. I think that the last sentence of my previous comment to you was harsh. I apologize for writing that writing to you that I think was harsh.

    I don't want to sound accusatory or blaming. I just want to point something out. I'm with you. I'm sorry for writing harsh writing to you.

    Neither "pessimism" nor "optimism" is a right view.

    It's good to discern what, in fact is the case, and to view as being the case what, in fact, is the case; and if one is in a difficult bad situation, it's good to discern what right actions are to be done to get out of, and to dispel, the difficult bad situation that one is in; and it's good to then do those right actions to get out of, and to dispel, the difficult bad situation that one is in.

  4. oldschooltwentysix,

    (I wrote my last previous comment to you before I saw your reply to me, and that is why I didn't address what you wrote in your reply to me.)

    "We cannot dictate how people think. We should speak out."

    Yes, we need to speak out.

    No one can dictate how other people think. However, one can speak in ways that cause others to become aware of certain things that they were not aware of previously, and to, as a result of that, have a right understanding of certain things.

    Still, I think these people are almost completely appreciated by their comrades and kindred spirits. They turn others off with their extremist ways.

    The fervent bigots are fervent and act in various harmful ways, and, thereby, influence, detrimentally, in various ways.

    Most people in the West are completely ignorant of the factual history, and current reality, of the situation that Israel is in. That is because the Western media and Western academia have been propagating lies - verbal and visual lies of omission, and verbal and visual blatant lies - that blame and vilify Israel and that obfuscate the actions of, and the nature of, and that excuse and glorify the Arab and Muslim racists who are attacking the nation of the Jewish people. The factual history, and current reality of the situation must be communicated to people in the West - especially to Liberal American people - and, also, especially to the Israeli Jewish people - who are traumatized, and just want to not be attacked anymore, and who have been lied to by, and kept in the dark by, the Israeli news media, and Israeli politicians, and Israeli Leftist academics, about the factual history, and the essential facts of the current reality, of the situation that they are in.

    I'm sorry for being harsh in my initial message to you.

  5. What are the boundaries of progressive-left malice?

    Who is it OK to hate and who is it unacceptable to hate?

    It is unacceptable to hate on Black people, but it is acceptable to hate on Israelis and Jews.

    That's just a fact, with the one caveat that hating on Jews tends to be unacceptable if it follows some pre-WWII form.

  6. The left will never give Arabs/Muslims the beat down they deserve for their illiberal ways because it's a waste of time. At best they will be ignored; at worst killed by the enraged types who try and kill cartoonists.

    Israelis are easier targets. One reason is that they have a huge left to begin with who will join the Hallelujah chorus.

  7. Guys.... Celtic Merlin who made that comment is honestly not an anti-Semite. I have talked to him off line. He is brutally ignorant about the subject and not the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to I.P. but... he is not an anti-Semite. He actually believes Team P when they say they want a secular U.S. of Israel.

    I am in no way a fan of his and if you know about DKos he is calling me out and mocking me for my description of Israel when he writes that. I don't really care though because most of his posts don't make a ton of sense and really only deal with the theoretical world of 24th century Earth. It is just "white noise". That said... I am telling you the truth here.


  8. I don't know, VB.

    I don't care if the guy is a racist or not. It's that he seemed in that comment to be mocking Jewish attachment to the state of Israel.

    I saw, of course, that he was also mocking you, but I still didn't like it. It struck me as mean-spirited and nasty.

    Did I misread his tone?, because this is someone who I generally avoid reading altogether.

  9. As you can see above, I called him an anti-Israel extremist par excellence, posing as a humanist.

    At some point, like it or not, extreme anti-Israel positions have the tendency to overlap into antisemitism.

    In any event, the hate in his words was very evident.

  10. "not the brightest bulb," is no excuse for his uber-Israel hatred. And, he doesn't like us much:

    "What I don't understand is how YOU hanging out at Fishy's Stinkhouse makes ME the "illiberal" one. Last time I saw something projecting THAT much, I was at the drive-in theater.

    When next you're over there, tell that nasty old troll that I said, "Hi!"

    C M

    Yeah, he's a pretty hate filled guy. If he is not an antisemite someone needs to throw him a lifejacket before he drowns in that vast school of antisemites he lovingly swims with at dKos, rec'ing them, applauding them, etc.

  11. "Projecting"?

    I wonder just what he thinks that I am projecting?

    Is the progressive-left not the home of anti-Semitic anti-Zionism?

    Do all those links back to Daily Kos anti-Zionism lead to nowhere or do they lead to the actual words of progressives?

    I do believe that it is the latter.

    So, it is not that I am projecting as someone like this Celtic guy cannot face the truth about his own political movement.

    The truth of the matter, of course, is that the progressive-left is, in fact, the home of toxic anti-Zionism and thus should be shunned not just by Jews, but by liberals, period.

  12. I think he was accusing Citizen of projecting and you got caught up in the crossfire. Nonetheless, Celtic Merlin has always been on my radar as one of the "usual suspects," and quite a hateful one at that. Troll, right wing, whatever names they use it's usually because they can't answer the charge against them or debate the point in question. It shows the hollowness of their worldview.

  13. Hmm.

    He's one of those who I tend not to read.

  14. "anti-Jewish racist." I know you have made this point before. Yes, it's a good description and probably more accurate than antisemite for many of these types.

  15. I say we call 'em "Nogoodniks."