Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hitler Admired in PLO Youth Magazine


Hitler tells a Palestinian girl in her dream: "I killed them [the Jews] so you would all know that they are a nation which spreads destruction all over the world."

I would suggest that this kind of thing is literal, not rhetorical, not in jest, but real. And, needless to say, this is just one quick example. I could have come up with literally hundreds of other examples of Arab media bolstering the genocidal Jihadi ambition against Jews.

The Jews of the Middle East are about 5.5 million people strong. They are surrounded by an Arab population of between 300 and 400 million people that, for the most part, does not want them there and that has shown a willingness to incite violence against them. In the early stages of the Arab War Against the Jews of the Middle East they tended to riot and sometimes murder Jews with their bare hands as we saw in Hebron in 1929. In November of 1947 they launched a bloody civil war which the Jews, fresh from the Holocaust, needed to be put down before they could defend themselves from the larger Arab nations.

The '48 war, as Benny Morris would tell you, was motivated by Jihad. It was primarily a religious war because in Muslim theology (al-Sharia) non-Muslims must never hold sovereignty on any land that was at any time under Muslim sovereignty.

The biggest problem that Israel has going forward is obviously not pro-Israel American conservatives like Glenn Beck, nor pro-Israel Israeli conservatives like Avigdor Lieberman, nor even ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jews who think that men and women should mainly be segregated in public.


The main problem that Israel has is that there are millions of people around the world who think that it shouldn't exist and who are ready to use violence against it.

Noticing this little fact is neither fascist, nor rhetorical. It is called facing reality. Not reality as we might like it to be, nor reality as progressive ideology likes to suppose, but the cold fact of the genocidal nature of the Radical Jihad which is now rising up from the misnamed "Arab Spring."

Country after country in the Middle East is falling to Islamism as the west sticks its head in the ground, playing ostrich. Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Iran, Lebanon, Darfur, and Gaza. Barack Obama literally told us to view the "Arab Spring" as we might have viewed the American Revolution or Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. The negligence and irresponsibility of such a statement is almost criminal. It is so wrong-headed and so unjust that I am frankly amazed that he was able to say it without his tongue falling out of his head entirely.

Here is the direct quote:

There are times in the course of history when the actions of ordinary citizens spark movements for change because they speak to a longing for freedom that has been building up for years. In America, think of the defiance of those patriots in Boston who refused to pay taxes to a King, or the dignity of Rosa Parks as she sat courageously in her seat. So it was in Tunisia...

Can you imagine if when Hitler was coming to power if FDR told Americans that this was the "German Spring" and that it represented the very best traditions within the progressive movement? Hard to imagine, isn't it?, but this is essentially what Obama has done.

We have an obligation as people who care about Israel, and about our fellow Jews, to acknowledge what should be obvious. And what is obvious here, what is obvious today, is that the Radical Jihad is rising and that can only mean violence directed at Jews.

I do not like it any more than do you, but it is they who represent the hardest challenge that Israel faces because the nature of this movement, the Islamist Spring, is genocidal. We can keep our heads in the sand or we can face what is obvious, but in either case the enemy is not our fellow Jews.

Left, right, or center, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, the problem here is not our fellow Jews and saying so does not make one a fascist.

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  1. Any news cycle you will find stories like this and worse. It's pandemic in the Arab/Muslim world. Just yesterday Lebanese Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn blamed Israel for the rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel and 2 Egyptian PROFESSORS of Archeology blamed Israel for the fires in the Scientific Complex.

    These people are batshit insane. The world needs to start talking truth to the Middle East and soon. Until the world develops some cajones, it's up to people like us.

  2. There is terrific social pressure on the political left to keep our mouths tightly shut on this issue.  School was even called a "fascist" elsewhere for daring to recognize the genocidal nature of Radical Islam.

    We have got to break our silence and identify the challenge before the state of Israel and before the Jewish people.

    Our primary challenge is not Avigdor Lieberman or Benjamin Netanyahu or Likud.  Our primary challenge is, in fact, the Islamist Spring which may very well throw the world into WW III.

    I don't want to be apocalyptic or suggest that the worst will happen, but we must keep our eyes wide open.  

    We absolutely must take our heads out of the sand, otherwise it will be only people like Pamela Geller who speak up.  That is, if the left and the center do not have the guts to speak the truth or even notice the truth, then the field is vacated for the most reactionary on the right.

  3. Ok Karma... so what is a course of action you would suggest? Should we send in the Sixth Fleet? Perhaps start a widescale bombing and invasion against the "Jihadist hordes"? Maybe take out a capital in each country? You are talking tough are you going to get the ole' M-16 and volunteer to fight in our war against the Jihadis? I mean seriously, let's cut to the chase, what do you want us to do about any of this? Radical Islam is on the rise in these nations and it has NOTHING to do with the Jews. It has to do with years and years of oppression by Arab dictators who suppressed any democratic notions. NOW, those they supressed are taking power. Once they crack down, the pendulum will swing.

    If you are going to fight the Islamists, understand them. They offer food, medicine, clothing and limited education to people that have none due to the repressive nature of their governments. Support a dictator and what do you think is going to happen?

    OH and as for President Obama... he was speaking about Tunisia in MAY. At that time the world held hope for positive change. I find nothing wrong with what he said at all.

    OH ALSO, from now on, when you and your cohorts want to complain about Obama and Israel... You might want to take that up with Ehud Barak and the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Here is what Barak had to say today:

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Tuesday that "the U.S. stands besides Israel in terms of its security more than ever before," and that "both countries agree that everything should be done to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon."
    Speaking with reporters at a Hanukkah ceremony in the Efraim IDF Base that was attacked by right-wing settlers a week ago, Barak said that "it is still time for diplomacy, but we will see what will happen as time goes on."


    but... yeah - I guess a bunch of wingers in America know better than the Defense Minister who has spent his whole life fighting for Israel.. Right....

    No one has their heads in the sand except for those who will excuse any act by our side in the name of fighting "Genocidal Jihad".  Even PM Netanyahu knows this.

    So back to the original point Karma. You rail on this every single day. Over and over and over again. You must have something you want to see happen. What is that?

  4. Noticing something is not the same as "railing," VB, and calling oldschool a "fascist" was wrong.

    You owe him an apology, you realize.

    As for what should be done, that starts with actually acknowledging the problem and discussing it, which is something that the progressive-left would not do if they were blindfolded and handcuffed in some basement in Karachi.

    We start by acknowledging the obvious.

  5. Ummm the Josh Pearl reference aside....

    I don't owe any apologies and none will be forthcoming. I was absolutely right about how fascism comes to a polity.

    BTW I did not call him a fascist, I said that using "HEY, Look over there" comments to excuse ones own polity's bad acts is a step on the road to fascism. And it is.

    So.. then you saying all  you are doing is "noticing" things eh?  I don't buy it. You keep saying "Don't vote for Obama" but you don't suggest an alternative. You keep saying "Obama is bad for Israel" but you refuse to acknowledge that the Israeli Ministry of Defense disagrees with you.

    So I have to ask you what are you 'just noticing"? That the Arabs hate Israel? WHOA big news there. That there is anti-Semitism in the world. OH NOEZ... No..

    You want something to happen, you want the U.S. to make certain policies, you want Israel to do certaing things. What are they? What would make you happy?

    And yes Karma you are "railing". And it's ok to "rail on" something as long as you have an alternative.

    You know, in person, I find you to be a nice guy and very reasonable to talk with. I may disagree with you about most things but, I find that you listen and engage. Maybe what is throwing me is the hyperbole on the net. I don't get the guy who writes Israel Thrives and that really throws me for a loop.

  6. Sigh... well Karma... I am saddened by this simplistic commentary. I wish it were other wise.

    I am done here man...


  7. I will be brief. I started anew because the thread gets so narrow.
    It was a poor decision to raise fascism in that context, and that was not the only thing said.

    Not to mention the statement could apply to ANY form of totalitariansim.

    Although I might have expected such talk from the Adalah folks, or some of the true-blue knee-jerks, I did not really expect it for speaking out against the genocidal intent that is expressed among way too many Arabs and Muslims against Jews.

    As to the substance of this back and forth, I think that the issue of genocidal jihad is real. What is denying Jewish history about? I think all this is not taken seriously enough by many educated people.

    I also think that what Barak said about the USA does not mean it will always be so. The USA-OIC partnership is ominous. Nor do I think the strength of relationship is owed to Obama, who history will determine was wise or not in his approach.

    That does not mean I am in favor of conflict any more than it means those who disagree among us want unilateral Israeli disarmament.

    I think that the issue transcends Israel, however, and we try so hard not to offend those who could care less in the way they seek ends. Not to mention the ends are offensive themselves. The use of shame is a powerful one to use against abusers, even if it means being considered an Islamophobe, a term that has become to be used to destroy one's freedom to express, affording more protection to a religion than to a fundamental HUMAN right.  

  8. Dismissive is not an argument, VB.

  9. I am not a cohort, thank you, but have my own views.

    You said:

    "Radical Islam is on the rise in these nations and it has NOTHING to do with the Jews. It has to do with years and years of oppression by Arab dictators who suppressed any democratic notions."

    Your first sentence is not only too absolute, but is so far removed from reality that it should not require further comment. 

    You say, in essence, that it is NEVER the case that extremists do not use Jews in fomenting rage and violence. That is what NOTHING means to me.

    However, I have seen Islamists say MANY TIMES the exact opposite of your statement. As such, your absolute statement simply cannot be correct.

    The reality is that it is a matter of degree, but absolute statements allow for no latitude given. To me, THAT is more extreme.

    Secondly, there is nothing that requires the two sentences above to be mutually exclusive. Clearly, one can hate the dictator AND the Jew.

    I sometimes cannot understand why so many people refuse to acknowledge the religious basis for a wide swath of Muslims to use Jews as a foil and evil that threatens their existence, but they do. Is that NOTHING, too?

  10. I do not have a "cohort."
    I don't have minions, nor fans, flatters, flunkies, fawners, or followers.

    I wish I did, but I don't.

    It's sad, really.


    But I think that I can live with it.

  11. From  UNESCO:

    UNESCO’s attention has been drawn to the February 2011 issue of the Palestinian children’s magazine Zayzafouna. This magazine is published by an NGO of the same name under the patronage of the Palestinian National Commission for UNESCO, which is the national body set up by the Palestinian Authority to facilitate its work with the Organization. The February issue features a story written by a 10-year-old girl in which Hitler is quoted by her as stating that he “killed [the Jews] so you would all know that they are a nation who wreak havoc on Earth”. While UNESCO upholds freedom of expression as an integral part of its mandate, the inclusion in this publication of a statement that may be interpreted as an apology of the holocaust is contrary to UNESCO’s constitutional mandate and values. It is totally unacceptable.UNESCO supported the publication of three issues of the Zayzafouna Magazine six months after the February 2011 issue. The support was provided for these issues following agreement with the editorial board that they would focus on building greater appreciation amongst Palestinians for their heritage and culture. They were to open the way for positive dialogue aimed at overcoming the consequences of the Middle East conflict, and to fight against stereotypes that may be conducive to violence. It was UNESCO’s intention to foster a positive view ofPalestinian heritage based on the values of tolerance and UNESCO’s mandate of building peace in the minds of men and women. This vision guides all of UNESCO’s activities, and we urge all partners to work in this direction.UNESCO is shocked and dismayed by the content of the February issue, and has requested more detailed information and clarification from the editors of the magazine and to Palestinian Authority.UNESCO strongly deplores and condemns the reproduction of such inflammatory statements in a magazine associated with UNESCO’s name and mission and will not provide any further support to the publication in question.The Organization, which is deeply committed to the development and promotion of education about the Holocaust, disassociates itself from any statement that is counter to its founding principles and goals of building tolerance in the full respect for human rights and human dignity.