Thursday, December 1, 2011

This is What We Face




There are about 13 million Jews, 300 to 400 million Arabs, and about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world today.

Many Arabs and many Muslims have been in the Jew Hating Business for a very, very long time... century upon century upon century we have seen it and we have suffered the bloody results... which, by the way, is part of the reason that our numbers are so artificially diminished.

The cries of "Yahood! Yahood!" as they raped Lara Logan in the streets of Cairo at the dawn of the ironically named "Arab Spring," it should also be known, had little, if anything, to do with the state of Israel, but represented an institutionalized Jew Hatred in the Arab and Muslim worlds since the time of Mohammed.

If Arab and Muslim genocidal anti-Semitism was about Ariel Sharon or the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu or the so-called "occupation," then what explains the Hebron massacre of 1929, long before there was any such thing as the Jewish state of Israel?

The Jews of the Middle East are surrounded by concentric rings of hatred that are the most intense and violent the closer one comes to the center. Near the very center are the Palestinians who exhibit extreme forms of genocidal Jew hatred to such an extent that a teenage Arab boy thinks that it is OK to chop the head off of a 3 month old baby Jewish girl, as happened to the Fogel baby in Itamar.

The next ring of hatred is that represented by the Arab governments and very many of the Arab peoples. Their violence against us was mainly limited in the 20th century to traditional forms of warfare. 1948. 1967. 1973.

Beyond the Arab world, and beyond the even larger Muslim world, is the realm in which allegedly liberal westerners bolster, and sometimes work directly with, Arab and Muslim anti-Semitic anti-Zionists in various NGOs, academic departments, and the United Nations. This is also the realm wherein progressive anti-Zionists use friendly "liberal" media to get across their message of hatred toward the Jewish state, if not Jews, more generally.

It is here, at the outer-most circle, that we find places like Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, the UK Guardian, and any number of other newspapers and political blogs throughout the western left. It is for this reason that progressive anti-Zionists are not merely an insignificant fringe, as is sometimes claimed, but an integral part of a much larger political and ideologically structure.

By serving as venues for anti-Semitic anti-Zionist propaganda the western-left press essentially validates the messages that we see above.

And this can only mean that it is long past time for Jews to dump the progressive movement. Progressives, as a group, with the obvious exception of "progressive Zionists," sincerely do not care about the fact that the Jews of the Middle East have been under siege for almost one hundred years and they certainly do not care about 13 centuries of Jewish dhimmitude. They may care about the long history of African-American slavery. They may care about the rights of women and Gay people so long as those women and Gay people do not live in an Arab or Muslim dominated country, but the very last thing in this world that they care about is the survival or well-being of the Jews of the Middle East.

Progressives don't care about the plight of Gay people in the Middle East. Progressives, likewise, do not care about the plight of women living under gender apartheid in the Middle East. And, for certain, progressives, when they aren't actually hostile, could hardly care less about the plight of Jews in the Middle East.

This is because they do not honestly care about universal human rights.

They are, therefore, simply unworthy of your support... that is, if you are a liberal.


  1. There have been some pretty thought provoking and powerful essays the past few days that expose the emptiness and danger of extreme Left, or in Europe, the elite class.

    They are out of touch in so many ways. I hope to prepare something about all of this soon, as I think it's where we are headed in the debate.

    As for the folks at DKos, it's a handful who are mainly preaching to themselves. It's the same old faces on both sides. There is nothing close to good information on this subject presented there, except on rare occasion, because it is predictable, tired, and completely one sided.

    I suspect the other places are not much different.

    In Europe, the democratic tide is changing, and people are waking up to the damage the elites have caused, despite best efforts to silence criticism and hide their sinister associations with the world's worst actors. It repudiates their standing as fit to lead.

  2. Yes, but that "handful" is representative of a much larger movement that is not a handful but a full blown political movement that stretches from places like dkos to all the other progressive-left magazines and political blogs, as well as venues like the UN and the NGOs and so forth.

    We need to look at this thing in a holistic fashion.

    The anti-Zionist trend on dkos is part of the larger movement and that larger movement would, if not see Jews dead, it would at least see us robbed of the means to defend ourselves.

  3. Believe it or not, I think the trend is in the opposite direction because of events that are occurring. As time goes on they will be repudiated as extreme anti-democratic haters that support repression and align with regimes that disregard human rights.

    The larger movement you mention is not so extreme and will move away as the dark forces push harder and show how empty these extremists are.

    The pro-Israel voices are not only getting louder, but more effective in exposing the frauds.

    Of course, it is bleak in Europe and especially the UN, where the OIC has effective control. I suspect the elites in Europe are in for a big fall, as they try to wrest democracy away from the people and the failure of their multicultural approach accelerates.

    This is not to say that the extremists should not be confronted. But at Daily Kos they are noisemakers that clamor among themselves more than attract ears.

    My greatest objection there is that there is not enough reality presented to give a fair picture of the players and how they behave. If Netanyahu farts, we know it, but when was the last diary critical of Abbas or speaking to what is going on within Arab societies with regard to Jews or Palestinian refugees?

    The extremists are a pretty uninformed lot, to my way of thinking because they cannot focus on information that does not feed their obsession.

  4. Well, I certainly hope that you are right, school.

    "The pro-Israel voices are not only getting louder, but more effective in exposing the frauds."

    Let's pray that we are approaching a turning-point, eh.

  5. It's just a sense. Under it all, I am an idealist.

  6. Purposefully uniformed I would suggest; since nothing suggests that a majority of them are particularly stupid. THAT makes it all the worse since it proposes an agenda; a nasty ideological agenda. I share some of your hope oldschool and would note a slight trend at dKos; fewer outlandishly antisemitic diaries (even fewer I/P diaries in general.)But I suspect the slightest gust of wind would change that in an instant if Israel is forced to defend herself.

  7. Intelligence is not always gained from books and theory, however. They may not be stupid, but that does not mean they are smart, either, as they pontificate a one-sided narrative that leaves out information necessary to a full appreciation of the situation.

  8. "The fact that Islamists
    even more extreme than the MB are not only participating but winning substantial seats in the election is a disaster on at least three counts. First, it demonstrates yet again the weakness of the secular democrats who have been portrayed, fraudulently, as the dynamic force of the “Arab Spring.”

    Note...."have been portrayed, fraudulently." Indeed. Who has perpetuated this fraud? The left, progressives, Obama et al. Why? Stupidity? Intent? Either way, it shows their incompetence to govern.