Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Palestinian Theft of Jewish History


One of the more insidious tactics used by Palestinians to deny any Jewish claims to the land of Israel is through the theft of Jewish history.

This video gives us a single example in the claiming of Jesus, a prominent Jewish historical figure, as a "Palestinian" (laughable) and a Muslim (an impossibility).

Claiming Jewish historical figures as Muslim represents just one part of the Palestinian-Arab theft of Jewish history. For example, they claim that Maimonides was a Muslim and that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all Muslims. This means, needless to say, that ancient Jewish heritage sites, such as Rachel's Tomb or the Tomb of the Patriarchs likewise becomes Muslim. It is for this reason that the UN recently declared the Tomb of the Patriarchs to be a mosque.

This Palestinian theft of Jewish history, with the complicity of the United Nations, is one of the things that we are not allowed to discuss on the progressive-left because to do so undermines the ongoing Arab efforts to delegitimize Israel in preparation for its eventual dissolution as a Jewish state.

So, while discussing genocidal Arab anti-Semitism is verboten among "liberals," so is discussing the Palestinian theft of Jewish history.

The bottom line is that if you act as a pro-Israel / pro-Jewish activist on the progressive-left, or on the grassroots / netroots of the Democratic party, they will turn you into a pariah.

Furthermore, if you dare to criticize Palestinians for anti-Semitism, or really for pretty much anything else, progressives will smear you as a racist and an "Islamophobe."

And, yet, somehow, against all reason, some Jewish people continue to support the Democratic party, although with not nearly the numbers that we used to. It is heartening, in fact, to see the amazing drop-off of Jewish support for the Democrats since the disastrous arrival of Barack Obama... who I voted for, by the way.

At this point, no self-respecting Jew should remain a Democrat.

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