Thursday, December 29, 2011

Richard Silverstein gets fooled, takes pride in getting fooled


(hat tip Harry's Place)

I suspect most of us know what an unwholesome guy Dickie Silverstein is based on his hate of Israel and love of Hamas et al. That's why it is so funny that he fell for a trap set up by blogger Aussie Dave. The whole thing is too long to quote here so I suggest you read it. Basically, Aussie Dave set up Silverstein by posting false clues knowing Silverstein would then try and out Aussie's REAL name and address. Silverstein did exactly that. Had the info been true it would have exposed Aussie and his family to the crazies out there and put them in harm's way. Is it any wonder that Silverstein is known in the community as the Kapo?


  1. Even more disturbing is the (apparent?) EFF employee rooting the 'outing' on.  Wow.  The things one learns when one advocates for Israel on the internet.  Well, at least I have my Super Top Secret Mossad Whistle and the Global Zionist Conspiracy to protect me from derangers like the one I ran into a couple days ago!  Snark...

  2. The other important part of this is that Dick did absolutely no fact checking or investigation into the true identity of Aussie Dave.  Just took one e-mail and ran with it.

  3. Yeah, that too.  And if he's this easy to fool, imagine the fun one can have, if one were so inclined, embarrassing him further...


  4. He doesn't embarrass. He just keeps ticking, along with his perverse followers. They have the Israel hating, terrorist loving itch and he is their calamine lotion.

  5. "and he is their calamine lotion."