Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Muslims Slice Themselves Up


Millions of Muslim Shiites worldwide take part in traditional mourning procession; whip their backs with chains, cut flesh with knives, swords to commemorate death of Prophet Muhammad's grandson

Is it wrong for me to comment on this practice?

Millions of Shiites, who constitute the minority sect in most Muslim countries, went out on the street for the traditional mourning procession, in which they beat their chests, whip their backs with chains, and cut themselves with swords and knives until blood is shed.

This is Lebanon:

And that is a kid. Look how happy he looks.

Below we see some activity in India:

Yikes! What the hell is that weapon this guy is wielding?! I gotta get me one of those... to keep Laurie in line!

And here is what is going on in Baghdad:

I wonder what the Prophet would say about all this?

And have I just committed some horrible sin by publishing an image of Mohammed? Have I just put my life at risk? Thankfully this blog is such small peanuts that, for some reason, I do not think that the Taliban is going to take much notice.

Also on Tuesday, a series of suicide attacks aimed against Shi'ites rocked Afghanistan, killing some 60 people.

One of the attacks, which took place in a crowded shrine in Kabul, was the most lethal incident in the Afghan capital since an attack on the Indian embassy in 2008 and an act of sectarian violence unprecedented since the fall of the Taliban government in 2001.

Muslims suicide bombing other Muslims. Among the very many human rights abuses that progressives do not care about, the foremost is Muslim on Muslim violence. Absolutely nobody cares about Muslim on Muslim violence. The progressive-left doesn't care. The United Nations human rights council doesn't care. Even most other Muslims do not seem to give a shit.

I have to say, though, that I am not real thrilled with the Radical Jihad, i.e., the efforts on the part of some Muslims to restore the Caliphate by any means necessary, including the shedding of lots and lots of blood... Jewish blood being particularly valuable for such purposes... or so they constantly screech at us from mosques throughout the Middle East.

However, if Shiites want to beat the holy crap out of themselves in commemoration of the murder of the Prophet's grandkid then who am I to say "no"?

Here are some of the comments from the Y-Net article:

Very civilized

Sheesh. When you are willing to spill your own blood, its not so hard to spill anothers.

David S (12.06.11)


G_d is not in any of this, Satan is.

Ken Quinn, Amsterdam (12.06.11)

Well, I do not know about Satan, but this practice of blood-letting does not look very kosher to me. In fact, not to disparage anyone's religious practice, but this is just plain grotesque.

This shows love and devotion.

It is only unimaginable in the minds of those who dont understand i.e. the ignorant and arrogant. proplefrar what they dont understand. are you sure you want to go up agains Iran??

Holy Warrior, UK (12.06.11)

Love and devotion. The funny thing is that I am sure that this commenter is absolutely correct. I have no doubt that many of the millions upon millions of Muslims who are beating the holy crap out of themselves, slicing themselves with knives and swords or whipping their own backs into a grotesque and bloody mess, do so out of love and devotion.

I do not doubt their sincerity for one moment.


Beating the meat, bashing the bishop, flogging the frog, slapping the monkey. All violent and leads to poor eyesight and hairy palms.



And that, my friends, speaks for itself.



  1. It's really gotta irk Israel's neighbors how successful she is and how miserable they are. Especially after losing all those wars to her.

    And, yes, I AM rubbing it in a bit. Choices have consequences, good and bad.

  2. Whoa, oldschool. You are batting a thousand. But wait! What sweet sound do I hear? Could it be the sound of progressive heads exploding?