Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet the Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers


A short while ago I did a panel discussion, along with Volleyboy1 and Michael Harris of Stand With Us, on the influence of the Obama administration viz-a-viz I-P at a synagogue in Berkeley. As a result of that panel discussion I met a number of people involved with various groups, including some folks who participate at Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers.

Because I think that it is important to encourage discussion throughout the pro-Israel blogosphere about just what is going on with the liberal acceptance of anti-Semitic anti-Zionism, I want to introduce you guys to that blog.

People who care about the Jewish people and the Jewish state need to come together.



  1. Very cool. Does it count that I went to college in the Bay Area?

    Would you put a link to my site where you referenced me?

  2. Sure, School.

    I do not have admin privileges, but I am sure that if you participate there then Dusty would be happy to link to you... or so I would assume.

    Maybe we can help give them a boost and they can help us, as well.

    In any case, I am always looking for new voices and new participants, here, there, and elsewhere.


  3. I meant where you mention me and doodad in the second paragraph.

    No biggie. Just trying to create some new eyes.

    I bookmarked the site already.

  4. Ah, got it.  Let me link to you.