Saturday, December 24, 2011

Obama's Support Tanking Among Jews (And Others)


A Gallup poll from September shows that Barack Obama's support among Jewish people has dropped 29 points since January 2009.

This reflects decline of support across the board and not merely with Jewish people. Among the general population support for Barack Obama has declined 25 points, from 66 percent to 41 percent.

My impression has been that Barack Obama will likely win next year's election, in part because the Republican field is something other than inspiring. Nonetheless, with disgust toward the president rising in all quarters, perhaps I am wrong to think that Obama is a shoo-in.

Speaking strictly for myself, I would vote for a hot pastrami sandwich on rye, with mustard, onion, and melted swiss, before I would vote for Obama, again. That much is certain.

Nobody who feels that they have the right to dictate where Jews may or may not live in Jerusalem can possibly deserve the support of the Jewish people.



  1. Yikes!

    Anyway, we haven't seen you in a little while, Dan.  Thanks for dropping in.

  2. Hi, Karmafish.

    Sorry if I scared you. However, the truth is not pretty.

    The only way out of the difficult painful situation that the Jewish people are in is to acknowledge the truth and to do skillful beneficial actions to make things better - which, in this case, is to tell the truth, and to thereby dispel lies that are endangering the survival of the nation of the Jewish people and which are endangering the well-being of the whole world.