Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breibart Dies....Kossacks Stay Without Class

Andrew Breibart has died. RIP.

Kossacks respond like animals:

"He was a piece of shit.  Period.
Just because he is now dead does not change that fact.  At all."

This happens all the time when someone they don't like dies or gets sick. Just another reason I hate that swamp. How could I trust people who have no common decency to respect the dead?

This POS diary got 192 rec's. Shameful.


  1. Before you smear all members of Daily Kos with your accusation, how about this diary, which praises Shirley Sherrod's class. It has 573 recommends and counting. My own prayers go out to his family in what must be this most difficult of times for them.

    1. Hi Reuven,

      the truth is that I have never seen in my entire life the kind of hatred that comes out of progressive-left venues like Daily Kos.



    2. Then you clearly have not read the many hate sites that attack us and make it their mission to attack us. Yes, there is plenty of antisemitism that manifests itself at left-leaning sites, where many mask their hatred of Jews as "criticism" of Israel. That, however, pales in comparison to places like Stormfront and Jew Watch, which incorporate antisemitism into their mission.

    3. You do not understand me.

      I am not talking about anti-Semitism, which is fairly rare on progressive-left sites, relatively speaking.

      I am talking about the absolute hatred spit at some foreign and ugly and vile creature known as a "conservative."

      The most hatred that I have ever seen was hatred spit at these people on progressive-left websites.

      I've never seen anything like it before.

      I've never seen more hatred anywhere.

      In truth, the progressive movement is the most hate-filled movement that I have ever personally seen.

    4. btw, Reuven, you are not banned.

      There's no way to "ban" anyone from one of these blogger sites.

      I just did not appreciate the way that you guys kinda marched on here with a big attitude and huge negativity at a time when I was trying to have a reasonable discussion with fizziks.

      You and Volley did not engage here in a manner of open inquiry, and certainly not in anything that could possibly be described as a friendly demeanor, and you basically ruined my conversation with fizziks which might have proved interesting if we could possibly have gotten into the nitty-gritty.

      Anyways, your views are welcome.

      Your contempt is not.

  2. Acknowledged, but you know enough Kossacks acted bad in this regard this and other times. My contempt remains. Kudos to the non-animals BUT dKos remains a place where visceral hate for this or that is still a defining and obnoxious characteristic. Hard to claim a moral high ground when this is the case.

    Also, I hope I don't need a disclaimer everytime I refer to bad Kossacks. Obviously, not every one is bad. This agreement has been hashed out many a time in I/P so please don't reinvent the wheel when we are all adults here.

    1. The problem is that you smeared all members of the site, and not merely those that were responsible for the reprehensible behavior. And, yes, you will get no argument from me that those that did engage in such tactics are guilty of reprehensible behavior.

    2. Agree that it is silly to require a disclaimer and that some are prone to misinterpret that a claim concerning one is a claim concerning all.

  3. Well Rueven, in future please know that when I refer to bad acting Kossacks I am referring only to bad acting Kossacks. However, I have made it known many times that I consider the site an abomination and generally advocate for its imminent demise. Any good it may do (and I argue that it does none) is instantly nullified by its racism/antisemitism and general hatred of almost everything at some time or another. IOW the place stinks. "Good," Kossacks should go somewhere better rather than wallow in dKos mud.

    1. I agree with this comment in its entirety. That place is a disgusting swamp of racism and hatred, from the admins all the way down to the trolls and all-too-many in between; and if that shitpile were to disappear tomorrow, online political discourse in the US would be much better off.

      And I've always hated the nickname they gave themselves.

      FWIW, anything I ever say there again (and anything I've said or done over the past four or five months there) has been done solely with the intent of using it for my own purposes. Which said purposes will become clear soon.

    2. Looking forward to seeing this, Jay.

    3. Wow.

      So you guys actually have a lower opinion of Daily Kos than I do.

      You have to know that anti-Semitism on dkos is not even close to the raw Jew hatred one finds on the Huffington Post.

      It's not even close.

  4. Micheal, it is odd that the hatred spat at conservatives far outweighs any hatred against fanatical Islam on a regular basis on places like dKos. Of course these conservatives have never done anything like the Jihadists do regularly. But hatred for fellow Americans with an opposing political position is ok while mere criticism of Jihad is wrong and racist. This does not compute. There is something dreadfully wrong with these people.

  5. This exact same thing happened in the 1930's among self-professed "Liberals"/"Pacifists"/"Socialists".

    In the 1930's, many self-professed "Pacifists"/"Socialists" who excused the National Socialist (NAtionalsoZIalistische (Nazi)) regime of Germany sided with the Soviet Union (against what those self-professed "Pacifists"/"Socialists" viewed as being "The Evil Capitalist Imperialist Oppressive" United States of America), and the sole reason that many of those self-professed "Pacifists"/"Socialists" began to oppose Nazi Germany in the 1940's is because the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany broke their alliance with each other and went to war against each other.

    In the 1930's, a group of "Liberal" Jewish leaders denounced a proposal to FDR issued by "Conservative" members of the U.S. Congress urging for U.S. opposition to the Nazi regime of Germany. Those Jewish so-called "Liberal" so-called "Jewish leaders", in denouncing that proposal, accused those "Conservative" members of congress of issuing that proposal for selfish self-serving political reasons.

    1. However, it is important to know and understand also the exceedingly important fact that, in the 1930's, the Nazi regime of Germany was hugely supported by the members of the (industrialist, financier, political) governing "Establishment" class of the United States of America.

      "What we learned is that there is no Left and Right. There are the decent people, and there is the mob."

      -- a quote that I heard that was attributed to a Jewish witness of, or Jewish survivor of, the Holocaust