Saturday, March 10, 2012

Over 100 Rockets and Mortar Shells Fall on Israel Since Friday

IAF Strike on Rocket Squad Brings Gaza Death Toll to 16; school canceled in all towns between 7-40 km from Gaza Strip; Barak expects several days of violence.


And round and round and round...

Why do you think it continues?


Consider this an open thread.

Say whatever you like.


  1. A couple of updates from someone I know there.

    As of 7:00 AM Israel time Saturday morning, rockets were falling and alarms were going off as far north as the far southern suburbs of Tel Aviv (20 miles south of Rehovot).

    And Sunday, schools are closed in the south after 70+ rockets fell overnight in the south, including Beersheva, Ashkelon, and Ashdod.

    Sunday evening, Israeli radio was reporting that both an unoccupied school and an unoccupied home in Beersheva took direct hits. Casualties to people, if any, unknown at this time.

    1. Southern suburbs of Tel Aviv, huh?

      The New York Times is silent on the front page.

      Shocking, I know.

  2. It continues because it is ALLOWED to continue. When Israel tries to stop it, it is reeled in by the International community. Hamas builds up its arms again and the cycle repeats. Crap, we'd still be fighting WW2 if the Allies had stopped every few years so Hitler and the boys could rearm.

    1. Perhaps Daniel is correct in saying that we are still fighting World War II.

      That war may have ended for others, but I do not see that it ever really ended for the Jews of the Middle East.

      Nazi Germany may have been defeated, but the Nazi's genocidal anti-Semitism lives on in the Middle East and "progressives" believe its advancement since Obama came to office is a matter of the "blessings of democracy."

  3. "When Israel is involved, patriotism should take precedence over all other considerations, Jordan Press Association (JPA) President Tareq Momani emphasised.

    The 950-member JPA opposes contact between its members and Israelis, he noted, adding that the case is different with respect to the state-run media.

    “We are totally against any contact with Israelis. The issue here is not just about journalism. Israel for us is still an enemy occupying Arab land and oppressing Arab people. We will not accept giving their views platform,” Momani told The Jordan Times yesterday."

    So, even a state that is at peace with Israel considers it an "enemy," and therefore its media must hate that state. No wonder the rockets still fly.

  4. Another reason it always continues is the freaking LIES!

    "J Street is deeply concerned about the most recent spate of violence between the Israel Defense Forces and militants in Gaza, which, in three days, has already resulted in over one hundred rockets fired on Israeli cities and towns and airstrikes on Gaza that have killed over a dozen Palestinian civilians."

    Only TWO civilians have been killed along with 16 terrorists. One expects such lies from the terrorists but J-Street?????? They have the lying terrorists' backs it seems.

    1. But but but Doodad, I thought that the delegitimizers are only a few crazies on Daily Kos!!!

    2. I believe there are only 3 of them but they really do GET AROUND!

  5. J Street was mentioned above as an apologist for the terrorists. This becomes less puzzling when considering the following, not well known, fact about J Street:

    The J in J Street stands for Jim Baker. ;)

  6. Peace partner Egypt snitches out

    "Gaza terror group: Egypt warned us before al-Qaisi killing

    Popular Resistance Committees spokesman says Egyptian intel officials warned Israel was planning to kill group's secretary general.",7340,L-4201508,00.html

    HA! Israel got him anyway. Stupid terrorists. Conniving Egyptian rats.

  7. "Fatah is also shooting at Jews - from Gaza and in the West Bank
    Ma'an reports that the Ayman Juda group within the Al-Aqsa Brigades took responsibility for some of the rockets that slammed into Israel on Saturday.

    The Al Aqsa Brigades are part of Fatah. You know, the "moderate" terrorist group that Mahmoud Abbas and Saeb Erekat belong to.

    But that's not all this peace-loving terror group did this weekend.

    Today they claimed responsibility for shooting at a civilian bus on Highway 60 near Ariel at the Givat-Assaf junction. No one was injured."

    Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...