Monday, March 5, 2012

Barack Obama's Qaeda Schizophrenia


President Barack Obama seems to be suffering from a foreign policy psychological disorder that I haved dubbed “Qaeda Schizophrenia.” The primary symptom of Qaeda Schizophrenia is a near total inability to distinguish enemies from allies. It has been noted by many people that the Obama administration has the unfortunate tendency to show its allies the back of its hand, while embracing enemies of the United States as friends or potential friends. Thus we have the spectacle of the president of the United States demonstrating open contempt for the Prime Minister of Israel as he meets in secret with the radical Islamist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

The schizophrenic part comes in once we recognize that while al-Qaeda is Obama’s acknowledged enemy the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the father organization of al-Qaeda, is treated like a potential friend. In other words, the Brotherhood is OK, but the Brotherhood’s ideological offspring is not.

Thus Barack Obama has put us all in the potentially dangerous situation wherein the President of the United States seems entirely incapable of distinguishing allies from enemies. He opposes al-Qaeda, which is a genocidal Islamist organization that wants to force women, Gay people, and non-Muslims to live under Sharia law, but he seems entirely indifferent toward Hamas and Hezbollah... which are both genocidal Islamist organizations that want to force women, Gay people, and non-Muslims to live under Sharia law. In the mean time, Obama embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, which gave birth to all three of those organizations, and that wants to force women, Gay people, and non-Muslims to live under Sharia law.

Something doesn’t quite compute, does it?

Also, of course, please note that all four of those organizations hold genocidal intent toward the Jewish people. All four despise and want to kill Jews. They tell us this constantly. Yet Barack Obama is enemies with one Jew Killing Organization, is indifferent to two other Jew Killing Organizations, and is embracing a fourth, from which the other three came.

In truth, I am not entirely certain what to make of this very strange and very dangerous foreign policy schizophrenia, but I am happy to give it a name:

Barack Obama’s Qaeda Schizophrenia

By the way, another symptom of the phenomenon is that it prevents the sufferer from having any idea what the hell he is doing when it comes to foreign policy. That much, at least, could hardly be more clear.


  1. I think you are going too far. It's far from black and white.

    Obama, to me, is trying to walk on a tightrope, with the belief that he can control the forces at play. If so, I believe he is mistaken.

    His intentions are good, and he is trying to protect American interests, but perhaps he is falling into the same trap as the Europeans in the 1970s, who sowed the seeds of what exists today by also trying to cooperate with others that had different agendas.

    1. But, Stuart,

      what do you think of the fact that Obama accepts the Brotherhood, but not Qaeda?

  2. Is there a big difference between schizophrenic and deranged?

    Just askin.

    1. No offense, but calling anyone deranged is not productive so far as I see it.

    2. I thought you guys might call me out on that.

      I do not mean to suggest, clearly, that Obama has an actual mental disorder. The point is to point out the clear contradiction between supporting the Brotherhood while opposing Qaeda.

      So, no, he's not deranged or schizophrenic, although his policy is.

    3. I agree. There is a difference between calling someone deranged or schizophrenic an calling specific ideas or policies deranged or schizophrenic.